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  1. riskierme

  2. iso eth 3os tomb reaver

    i got 270 35 with perf mf curently 2x 40 15 zoded
  3. Iso a few things

    37x 3 18 20 half brown half grey 100 m/o
  4. i got full chars and a couple sets of legit melee charms,lots of 09 and 08 items but no valks or btals or buged items.if u can spend 100+$ msg me.no paypal less i know u or done buissness b4. chars that say 2x,most share a set of charms so its basicly u pick a set up or buy both setups with the charms.i think they all have there own anni and torch,they just share the melee charms. summon nec 2xww bvb barb,1 sword 1 axe 2xzealots,cc,shaft,fort,lots of setups 2x conc barbs,1 axe 1 sword(fools) fury druid,will be the last to go less its good offer max dmg zon full of 08/09 items 14 max and 4 max charms toy cs zon mf frenzy barb,almost all 100% perf gear goldfind gear i put on and old ww barb left over bo/sing barb gears,9x hi life gcs so on,think i got least enuff gear for bo barb 1 set 3 18 20s 1 set 3 19 20s 1 set 9x 10 max gc all 70+ 40+ with 3 18 20s under them 1 set 35 20x/1x 36 20 think i got few extra 3 19 20s with old 3 20 20s that might have some permed mixed with unperm(havnt permd them in years but no garentees)wont sell them seperate but in packages id sweetin the deal with these. realy in need of cash and will sell cheap but not doing 20$ at time bullshit...got to spend to get the deals
  5. FT: Fully loaded Conc Barb

    i vouch his items
  6. still might sell these
  7. I have 150$ to spend

    fees are only 2.9$+30 cents thats less then 5 bucks
  8. Curiously ISO 130 def 08 Valk

    myenemy has ether 131 or 132 i forget which.hes had it for yaers
  9. Zeal ISO

    ive got a cc paladin for sale.it has 3 18 20s tho and the shaft is only 22xx.levi is good rends 270+ edc is 280 p hoz 40 15 140 dungos 213 gores p coa ber ber decent vis total perf exile.torch and anni isnt perf but close.around 250 for full char
  10. http://forums.d2jsp.org/index.php?showtopi...622303&f=53 basic melee gear,no caster gear.u get everythig in the picture.i want to sell full char but if i get enuff good offers on single items it might happen.meaning if 90% of the items have GOOD single offers.to ansewer my freinds questions b4 they ask,this isnt the fury i use,its my girls. p jalas 7fhr 55ar 7str 7dex legit jewl green gilliums helm 7 fhr 29ed 18 min dmg jewl green ofc p ss 7 29 18 jewl 212% wire fort 30 res 1.5 life 414% botd perf non eth death cleaver sheald 40 15 dungos 256 60 20 rends legit p raven + angelic ring/ammy p gores non uped 6 bo cta scorge/eth spirit monarch random blood fist can bid with or with out the fools charms 1x 3 14 20,3x 3 15 20,1x 3 16 20,2x 3 17 20 6 max 46 ar 8 fhr lg fits under torch 2x fhr eye grafix ss gcs 1x 43 eye,1x 43 dna,2x 44 eye,3x 42 eye,life shape shift gcs.all eye but 1. 20/20 druid torch random 20 stat anni full inventory but 1 open small charm spot which i can probly find a charm to put in it.
  11. Diablo 2 East NL Giveaway

    4k 1.5 life sac fort eth up gores eth dungos 3 18+ 20 scs
  12. GG Melee Items FS

    how much for non eth alma?
  13. Ft - Tons of Perm Items

    cock sucking scammer