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  1. League of Legends

    Not like there is a whole lot of traffic here or anything but..... I was wondering why there is no LOL subforum. It's the most popular PC game of all time, so....
  2. To all you dickheads who thought I was ugly...

    Let's see some updated pics of that hoe.
  3. MulletCaptain

  4. how do i edit my signature? there is nothing in my account setting enabling me to do this. and its only been like 4 years since i had a reason to edit it. but now i want to again. any ideas? oh btw, go ahead and flame away.... YOU FUCKING FLAMERS!!!
  5. Easy Iso List

    hey guys, starting to play some d2 again and i need some items. looking to make a mf light sorc and hammerdin i have a little fg on this site but not any good itemsyet to trade. i could also use a grush/lvling if anyone would be so kind. trying to put together the light sorc first since it should be cheaper. light sorc iso: tal armor/ tal ammy/ tal belt p topazed shako or any shako to start isted occy or any occy magefists war travs 2x mf rings (it's been like 4 years lol so i forgot the names) -- nagel rings maybe? lidless shield( i think it's called this) cheap anni ( prefer higher res/xp than stats) cheap sorc torch 13+/13+ high mf% gheeds merc gear: eth cryptic axe or CV infinity( i know this is expensive but will get it sooner or later) forget the names of the helm/armor i want but anything descent will do to start hammerdin: wizard spike (preferably with good jewel in it) 35%FCR sacred targe spirit with 40+ res mp enigma(prefer non sup) shako(jah'd or ber'd) arach magefists hoz cta( don't need to start) maras 2x sojs or bks( idk if there is any duped/non perm shit on ladder but i DO NOT want anything like that) some booties as well merc: eth ca or cv insight armor/helm for him too i really could use any of this stuff free if anyone could help me out since i am just starting up. i have no friends(that still play that i know of) and any help/items would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance anyone. /w *mulletcaptain if you want to.
  6. Easy Iso List

    just for the record i do not need any of this stuff any more but im wondering how does it have 104 views and 0 posts? am i really that hated? lolzzzzzz
  7. iso: Grush / Lvling

    right now i can't find my expansion disk so i am trying to find it. but i could use a classic grush or when i finally do get my expansion pack disk could use it then. i don't have any items or anything right now. so i can pay in fgs. post prices/times available to do this. thanks in advance!!

    just put my disc in and screwing around again. been like 3 or 4 years since i played d2 lol. could use a grush/lvling if anyone would be so kind. thanks in advance.
  9. Dtrades veterans come here.

    get pooped on bitches...
  10. i will give you ALL my fg if you kill yourself. (must verify before i send fgs though)

    i'm not gonna lie. that is one hell of a brag if you did not like this kid before and now he went to fucking prison. wonder if he knows that you know this and posted this thread? too fucking funny
  12. free d2 shit this wensday

    doubt it. probably just this moron's cry for attention. he probably hosted a game called "free PRO gear" and the bnet noobs that came already had a um'd shako so they did not want his amn'd shako.
  13. Joz-

    have not been on the site in about a year or so. figured i would make another thread. joz = sperm swallower wonder which prison he is servicing all the inmates in now...
  14. Joz-

  15. free d2 shit this wensday

    lol i dont have d2 installed on my computer. for taht matter i dont even know where the disc is rofl. anyone actually play this? i mean really how many people can possibly still play d2?
  16. Joz.

    HAHHAHA HAHA HA HEHE HE HO . lol i thought more people would find this funny but maybe people just didnt see it yet. it really is joz. hes a 46 year old child molester. dont let him fool you...
  17. Joz.

    joz has been lieing to you. this is his real picture... OWNED BITCH!!!! http://www.familywatchdog.us/ViewOffenderD...800000&rm=0
  18. but seriously though. i just saw haroon said's you tube video. that shit was so pathetic. was one of the funniest things i have ever seen. hes got some kmart jewelry talking about how its work $3300. LLLOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!! what a fucking camel jockey loser. cool how he flashes his "wizard smoke" too. fucking hilarious hes got like $500 tops and hes talking like its fucking huge money ahahahha. my paycheck for 1 week is way more than that lol. god hes so fucking pathetic i ALMOST feel bad for him. that was the best laugh i have had in years. "the truth" is that hes a fucking broke loser with no life making fun of high school kids. lol and the fact that he actually took the time to make and post a video is fucking hilarious
  19. seriously not that funny. put those huge titties away too. that shit is digusting...
  20. Joz.

    [quote name='
  21. Joz.

    joz gets pleasure from sucking off homeless guys in the burger king parking lot
  22. lol yeah. sup dood. the funniest thing was when he recorded these audio files about me. he pronounced mullet "mooolet" hes such a fucking camel jockey. maybe he's been picked up by the FBI and hes being tortured as we speak. *fingers crossed*
  23. Y0U G0T MURKED both Os are Zeros i play halo 3 the most. i have RB2 GHWT and a few other games. my 360 is currently broken and i wont have it back for about 3-4 weeks. so if you want you can send me a friend request now and please include your forum name as well so i know who you are. i'll accept when i finally get my 360 back
  24. i cant view it either. haroon said aka brooklyn is such a fucking lieing loser. of all you virgins here. he is the oldest. hes somewhere around 29. he thinks fucking cool talking shit to teenagers on forums. he also claims to have made how much $ off d2? ahahah the funny part is he spent probably twice that on items and he still sucked balls. brook is such a fucking piece of shit. he deserves to be gang raped by a gaggel of camels and then stoned to death