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  1. Not like there is a whole lot of traffic here or anything but..... I was wondering why there is no LOL subforum. It's the most popular PC game of all time, so....
  2. how do i edit my signature? there is nothing in my account setting enabling me to do this. and its only been like 4 years since i had a reason to edit it. but now i want to again. any ideas? oh btw, go ahead and flame away.... YOU FUCKING FLAMERS!!!
  3. just for the record i do not need any of this stuff any more but im wondering how does it have 104 views and 0 posts? am i really that hated? lolzzzzzz
  4. hey guys, starting to play some d2 again and i need some items. looking to make a mf light sorc and hammerdin i have a little fg on this site but not any good itemsyet to trade. i could also use a grush/lvling if anyone would be so kind. trying to put together the light sorc first since it should be cheaper. light sorc iso: tal armor/ tal ammy/ tal belt p topazed shako or any shako to start isted occy or any occy magefists war travs 2x mf rings (it's been like 4 years lol so i forgot the names) -- nagel rings maybe? lidless shield( i think it's called this) cheap anni ( prefer high
  5. right now i can't find my expansion disk so i am trying to find it. but i could use a classic grush or when i finally do get my expansion pack disk could use it then. i don't have any items or anything right now. so i can pay in fgs. post prices/times available to do this. thanks in advance!!
  6. just put my disc in and screwing around again. been like 3 or 4 years since i played d2 lol. could use a grush/lvling if anyone would be so kind. thanks in advance.
  7. i will give you ALL my fg if you kill yourself. (must verify before i send fgs though)
  8. i'm not gonna lie. that is one hell of a brag if you did not like this kid before and now he went to fucking prison. wonder if he knows that you know this and posted this thread? too fucking funny
  9. doubt it. probably just this moron's cry for attention. he probably hosted a game called "free PRO gear" and the bnet noobs that came already had a um'd shako so they did not want his amn'd shako.
  10. have not been on the site in about a year or so. figured i would make another thread. joz = sperm swallower wonder which prison he is servicing all the inmates in now...
  11. lol i dont have d2 installed on my computer. for taht matter i dont even know where the disc is rofl. anyone actually play this? i mean really how many people can possibly still play d2?
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