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  3. Well Well Well. If it isn't my oldest d2 buddy trying to get the whole goddamn old school players to get together for a one night stand. Well, your reading a post from an old school player by the name of Scarface. A former legend of D2 and the Barbarian League. But unfortunitly iv been in retirement since 2006 and my account and items are long gone. but it would be great to start up again for this special occasion...
  4. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111111111111
  5. throwing in a permed storm hide and added a coa
  6. im pretty sure its duped, i got it in a battle.net trade, so i don't know.
  7. 6/200 40/15 ias arreats 268/39 beast 415/14 ebotdz 1378 enigma archon 2x Bered 22/13 ( 29% dr with bers ) Coa 200% Tgods, 200% Gores, a nice 39/15 verdungo, highlords, 2x Legit non-duped graphic 250/20 raven frosts 60/20 Duped steelrends "Larzuk" Named Soul Shanks 1.08 Highlords 37x 20 life scs 20/17 barb torch 20/17/5 anni hoto/cta on switch.
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