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  1. Someone Please Tell Me What I'm Doing

    you can get a IDE HD or you can get an external closure and run it as a USB HD.
  2. hey guys!

    mike - hey man bruno/numbaone/pballer - its been along time guys, how you doing? tyler - you just joined in 09 how can you say its been awhile? african - plays with *squrls, and yes i have been on staff since i joined up until a year or 2 ago. i was a global mod.
  3. hey guys!

    just wanted to say hi to everyone that i havnt seen in forever! im still here. how you guys doing? whats new?
  4. 2/17 dancers - caintest///4
  5. ISO: Name

    yea.. ill do 35
  6. ISO: Name

    im liking sony, would u do 30? i was hoping for atleast 35 cuz... its SONY we're talkin about well i literally need to get a whole char setup with my fg cuz i just got back into d2, so i cant spend that much
  7. ISO: Name

    im liking sony, would u do 30?
  8. i guess ppl forgot about me been around longer than a lot of ppl
  9. 10,000 POST THREAD

    man i havent been on this site in forever and were still not at 10,000 posts? me n jer and some others used to have convos 10 pages long on here back in the day
  10. ISO: Name

    ok i guess no one is reading my first post. LEAVE YOUR PRICES PLEASE
  11. any low req enigma, arach, d torch, spirit shield ( not monarch), druid summon charms just starting out again
  12. must be dusk nigma or very low req nigma, and any stat d torch YOU TELL ME PRICE, FG ONLY.
  13. ISO: Name

    how much for that?
  14. Diablo 2 East NL Giveaway

    like 3 anni's, i want to get back into d2 sorc/pala/druid torch druid summon charms sorc cold charms arach aldur boots or some water walks enigma, any spirit shield but monarch hoto
  15. Going to wisconsin (milawkee[sp?])

    ok joz, u win. i am back on d2 same acct name: pws