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    meh i didnt get 1 ._. may i ask who it was though?
  2. Help Tenjy Out!

    what about donating items? then having some 1 sell them on dbay for U? cuz i dont got paypal..then can iget a star?: D
  3. 1 Mil Post Party #4

    name:Reservoir class:Hammerdin level:97 account: *Statistics

    yea bryn,i think thats how MAYBE they got my pass, is cuz on wednesday i registered there..and all of my fourm passwords were all ways the same
  5. 1 Mil Post Party

    yay, sounds like fun i got a sexy eth 15% sup 5 socket flail (hot for cta) and 4 socket flail ETH
  6. Happy Ten Juna!

    he looks stoned off his ass in that picture of his face.
  7. Site Status for Wednesday 05/18

    cain, u got any clue why palapk.org is redirected to c2oc?
  8. Adding Edit Post Shop Item

    good job, i wud make it cost around 50 fg :~
  9. Introducing our new Admin

    nice job bryn..hope he does as good as futon.
  10. New Dtrades Skins to Choose From

    so this is gonna be kinda like d2trading.org where brook has it so u can choose ur own sknis out a of a list? just wondering, and skin #3.
  11. New C2oC Banners to Choose From

    second 1, i like the tealish color
  12. he means put 24 into dex, so u can use wizard spike.......and fhr is more important then life on a hammerdin, in some situations
  13. Help Me CHOOSE!

  14. Free E-mail is UP!

    ROFLamethrower? LMFAO
  15. Free E-mail is UP!

    how do we actually check the emails we recive? O _O