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  1. Emrys

  2. Site Status 04/25/2012

    ya, thats my main email.. good lord dont kill it
  3. Site Status 04/25/2012

    if you'd like to use my d3 beta jason, email me budman@c2oc.com
  4. Need global\admin help.

    when i get a chance i'll look over the ip logs, or forward this thread onto tenjuna or iamnumbaone. standby
  5. enigma of duress

    lets keep the belly aching to a minimum
  6. Anyone else playing these days? Post armory links http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/mugthol/Emr%C3%BDs/advanced
  7. I am a new member awaiting valadation I read on the new member forum that it could take up to a week. But Tenjuna hasn't been online since I registered a week ago and is not responding to my emails. I am very eager to be a valadated member so I can post. Please get back to me when possible. Thank you- Xdaci

  8. Banned for no reason?

    Its been a long standing rule on this website that flaming the staff here is your key to the banstick cabinet. You may think whatever you want about the mods / administrators of this website, however you can keep that opinion off of the website. You achieved a 30% warning level in a single day, spammed threads, bumped ancient topics, insulted the moderators for doing their jobs, then insulted the website itself for not being JSP. If you're that inconsiderate to the staff here, and have no faith in us as moderators, I figured I'd ease that pain for you and send you back to the website you came from and chose to praise. Adding to that, you've already made a second account, and weather in good jest or not, you've insulted another member. http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showtop...p;#entry2330692 So to answer your question, no, you didn't get banned for nothing.
  9. Question about ''Banned'' tags

    Do not trade items with banned members. Most of them are banned for scamming or multiple accounts, which ends up in scamming.
  10. we validate new members when we feel its necessary. the awaiting validation group is an early warning system for our members, to give them the decision as to weather they wanna take the chance on trading you or not. new members are scrutinized before being promoted due to the ammount of jsp members that make new accounts here simply to scam. once you've posted a bit more, your ip addresses will be scanned. at this point you'll either be moved to the members rank, or banned for multi accounts.
  11. I'm looking for an old old pair of posts

    these posts are lost and un-recoverable.
  12. http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showtopic=428753 Disrespect one of my staff on this website again, and you can take your 34 posts to the ban locker. I hope I've made myself very clear.
  13. i dont have months to wait on this shit, you're history
  14. Iso a named valk

    multi account user - banned