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  1. holyh3llz

  2. Free Beta Weekend (for anyone!)

    fucking shit is so busy i cant even get on keeps telling me error 37 servers too busy
  3. #1 Trapper on East

    if this is the 132 talk i owned i vouch for it being legit its the only unnamed one on east
  4. ### LEGIT BTALS FS ###

    Giving a warn to a user that's letting people know that it is and never was a legit item? Miss leading topic title imo. Specifics is correct the item isn't legit but permed. You forget saber not everyone has played this game for years on end. 360

    nezo <3 miss you
  6. interested in glitch arreats i pmed u
  7. no time for this game latly so im selling my gawdly bvc barb 39/393 greif 40str/276 ed beast zerk 1305 scarab enigma 200/6 15ias/15res jooled arreats 399/28/30 ber ber coa highlords P trang named Bartuc's p arach legit p matching ravens fat blue and gold band 413 botd z 375/-60% doom zerk 10LL% 114% ed 15str/9 lifepk dracs 40 hoto/6/6/1 cta for bo ringmail treach life tap wand demon limb 20% wisp tgods hotspurs dwarf star 40/15 ss for shield barbs widow maker held 2 perm 70/15s 20/19 baba torch 18/18/5 anni 31 perm 320s and 4 3/x/19+ scs make offers would like to sell as package
  8. Sexy FT and ISO list

    i got 1 or 2 20/17slegit i need your harmony bows :|
  9. i have a bunch of stuff ud probly want pm me if u wanna talk.
  10. Iso Beast Zerker

    i got a nice 1 278/40 i belive what would u be offering?