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  1. XiP

  2. This will be my last post here. Cain has decided to ban me and I accept and understand why. Everybody knows the full story by now so this is my last post to say sorry again and goodbye to everybody here. I've caused enough trouble as it is here and I want everybody to get back to normal and please don't blame Cain if you haven't agreed with his decisions because this is probably one of the weirdest cases he's ever had to deal with. This site doesn't stand for or harbor scammers and what I did can be considered that by some so I don't really belong here. I appreciate the initial hesitations to ban me and the support I received from a lot of people here. I've enjoyed being a part of this community and meeting all the different people. I will miss postabout and the dtrades nostalgia. Thanks for the good times and good luck to you all. -Tyler
  3. dude come on aim more man...im bored hah...and i cant let a friend go to waste..


    :p hand to add that just for laughs

  4. XiP: Stay or Go?

    A lot of people want to hear from me. First off I have to say I'm sorry. I had no intention of scamming anybody but I got greedy when I found the vulnerability on the site and exploited it. Rather than doing the right thing and reporting it immediately I started buying up everything in sight. I didn't think I was scamming anybody at the time since I felt that people were getting compensated for their items but I did know what I was doing what wrong. I hindered Cain's efforts and hard work on the site and totally ruined the value of fg here. I accept sole responsibility for all of this and you can flame me all you want. I did not share my knowledge of this exploit with anybody so the damage cleanup should be easier in that sense. I truly feel bad about this whole ordeal. I've never had major problems with anybody in the community and I still have no hard feelings against anybody. I think the best thing for me to do is leave the site whether or not I get banned that way I don't cause any more problems and hard feelings by staying. The thing I learned from this is that it's best to do the right thing and this will remind me that I should do just that in situations I may face in the future. There've been some other accusations against me so here are my responses to the ones I can remember: Multi: I only have one account here and at jsp and I don't share my account with anybody Scam again: I have no intention on scamming or returning as a multi Associate with scammers: I don't play with or have friends who scam Exploit again: any websites that I find exploits on I will report them rather than exploiting them for personal gain, but seriously I don't plan on finding any more website vulnerabilities since that's not my profession or hobby.. I'll leave that to the security people. I fooled around at that time because I was taking a security class and they encouraged "ethical hacking" (ie. reporting what you find for the benefit of the owner) which I did the exact opposite of.. Thanks to everybody who still believes in me and sorry again to everybody who feels that I scammed them.
  5. FG Buyback will resume soon

    Same here and I got about 5 hours of sleep last night. I sent the cashiers check out today so you'll receive it either tomorrow or Monday.
  6. I have a job so I'll pass.
  7. What's up Nerdies?

    Welcome back. It's nice to see a lot of people coming back to the forums. Actually I think it's going to be around 2 years since it seems they still have a lot to work on for the characters and environments as well as balancing everything out.
  8. trying a new fix

    Seems faster for me, and I don't see any more PHP access violations
  9. Settled on my divorce today

    Ouch man.. that sucks hard. At least your emotional state will be better from here on out. Check up on the kid though, she'll miss her daddy.
  10. I have officaly become epic.

    I could really use one of these in my shower to check emails and weather in the morning before I go to work. Really strange concept but it could actually be useful for people who don't have much time after they get dressed

    Happy belated 4th
  12. Who remembers me? lmao

    Wb jay, I just started my new job so I can't get on much anymore
  13. Diablo 3 Officially Announced!

    Same here.. it's been forever since they announced SC2 and now I've kind of lost interest in it.. I sure hope they don't take like 2+ years to come out with D2