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  1. D2 Remaster

    NEO!!!! Imagine my disappointment coming back a couple years ago and seeing the eth glitched last wish zerk unperm and for sale on random item sites! What happened?!?!?!?!? As you know, I went through sheer hell to make that while the NL<--->L exploit was open! I thought you'd keep that axe forever At any rate, I hope you're doing well
  2. I don't give up easily, but I'd really prefer not to wait another 12 years LOL i might be interested in an ethereal rare matriarchal spear, as well! (not pike!) please post what you have and the price! Also, hello everyone It's been a while
  3. As if there was ever any doubt that I'd reign supreme. 4 years later, and I'm significantly more beautiful now. Must be the pristine well water I be sippin on
  4. MERRY X-MAS !

    I had to settle for champagne and blunts... what a struggle.

    Hey Bryn I still remember the time we ALMOST met at in the Fallsview Casino parking lot!!!! Hope all is well with you...if you're ever on the west coast, lemme know and we'll meet up for a toke
  6. Lets get rich!

    back from the dead i see... Actually I feel far more dead inside now that I've logged in again. You can thank zach for reminding me that this site exists. So, any new gay members since I've left? Any of them even remotely hot?
  7. Lets get rich!

    or just grow a lot of outdoor pot like everyone here... even the seeded will fetch at least 850/lb
  8. Hmmm... what's in it for me?

  9. i got a boner and i need you to relieve it :]

  10. Come back I want to make sweet sweet love to you =)

  11. Nothing will ever beat a double-edge safety razor.
  12. lewl

    oh shit nicky, i totally didnt see your post for like the first time ever