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  1. Daggers: Wizardspike Swords (One Handed): Doombringer Azurewrath Ceremonial Knives: The Gidbinn Axes (Two Handed): The Executioner Messerschmidt's Reaver Maces (Two Handed): Schaefer's Hammer Swords (Two Handed): The Zweihander (renamed from Todesfaelle Flamme) The Grandfather Bows: Windforce Crossbows: Demon Machine Buriza-Do Kyanon Pus Spitter Hellrack Wands: Blackhand Key Helms: Andariel's Visage Giant Skull Chest Armor: Goldskin Tyrael's Might Gloves: Magefist Frostburn Gauntlets Belts: String Of Ears Goldwrap Heavy Belts: Thundergod's Vigor Amulets:
  2. Pretty much, but it may be limited. We'll just have to go with the flow. Diablo 3 is free to play. They announced that when they announced the game itself. Also, there will be no need for multiple accounts because I do believe you have a shared stash across your www.battle.net account. Instead of accounts, it's your Email address and that brings up your Gamer tag.
  3. What the fuck is with this new layout?
  4. I understand that SABERSAW has been doing a lot of the mediations, or at least responding to their requests, but a lot of people are impatient and even though some trades go smoothly without mediators, people are really at risk of getting scammed.
  5. Open it up for D3, maybe do some E3 coverage and Blizzcon event shit. Hi. E: Also, remember that the D3 live beta will probably be coming shortly after E3. So...
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