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  1. New Class Anounced!!!

    i would have to kill blizzard if it was. It is obviously fake. They also announced WoW PVP Dance Battle System and a new starcraft unit the Terratron yesterday: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/pvp/dance/index.xml http://www.starcraft2.com/features/terran/terratron.xml
  2. The Archivist ... Shush FTW! lol
  3. 1.13

    I would probably come back if the only change was resolution. I have been tempted to pick up a copy of the game at circuit city for $2. The store near me still has 20+ copies left, lol.
  4. http://kotaku.com/5164460/blizzard-still-w...ants-your-input Never thought they would update D2 since they announced D3. I may just have to come back and start playing again depending on what changes they make.
  5. Good Game.

    Gears of War killed my Xbox I did the towel trick so I have a few more days but I'm gonna have 2 send it in. Hopefully I can beat it on Insane b4 it gives out again.
  6. These are exactly my thoughts, it's unfortunate to the people in the short term but necessary in the long run.
  7. Spore?

    I really like it, it starts off slow and just gets better and better.
  8. Fantasy Football '08

    League is full ok, no problem
  9. Fantasy Football '08

    Is it to late to join? I almost never visit the sports forum and saw that the draft isn't until Wednesday.
  10. Google Chrome

    I'm a big Google fan but until they add something like extensions, I will still use Firefox 3.0
  11. RNC

    proof thats true please. read it in a fact book I have by the toilet but the book is copyrighted 2003, so it may have changed.
  12. RNC

    is it coincidence that the average IQ of the population in ALL blue states is above 101 and the average IQ of the population in ALL red states is below 99? Doubt it
  13. The Summer of Arcade

    Galaga Legions looks meh to me
  14. Your broke ass can get any cloths? Sounds like an interesting idea, never heard of anything like it. If the site gets enough traffic, you'll be set with t-shirts for life, lol