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  1. Cidco

  2. :[ I miss you Mike.

    This is for if you ever come back and see these comments. <3

  3. nigger

    dan said u quit wow

    aim or msn me, dan has it

  4. I'll buy fg for cash if you're selling. If you are, PM me a ratio.
  5. You're finally quitting.
  6. Microsoft - Xbox Live 1-Month Subscription Card $6, $8 if you want a picture of it unscratched then scratched. You will pay first, via paypal, claiming then closing the claim. or If you are a graphic designer, I will give you the code for a signature. Details for the signature will be given once you show me examples of your work. deviantART galleries preferred. Don't trust me? Don't care, get out. I'm not desperate to give the code to you first.
  7. D2 Giveaway *IN PROGRESS*

    oh lawd, you still play d2
  8. Hey I remember you from d2jsp you were a Mod right do you still use d2jsp?

  9. Can anyone confirm that you can recover expired accounts by adjusting your computer's date & time to 1-3 years ago? If yes, I'll give you a test account with nothing on it but the char names. If you provide screenies of recovering it, I will give you an account with permed .08 valks, permed of whatever that crafted pally ammy was and more. Just want to get sell my shit I forgot to sell 2 years ago. Note: This didn't seem logical, but I haven't been on d2 for awhile and rey TELLS DA TRUTH LULZ.
  10. FT: Char name Mike

    ROFL Coming from a huge jsp name botter, funny. I guess only have two good names makes you a huge namebotter. pK + Mike = huge? I can name 2 guys that were BIGGER namebotters than me. Silly kids these days. Sure there are bigger botters, the point is that you still botted plenty of names. If only you had a clue of what I did have. I don't give a shit about what scumbag namebotters have. Then you are ignorant, shall we stop this petty argument? You bore me.
  11. http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showtopic=408000
  12. ISO: Graphics

    I am in need of a new sig/ava for myself + a logo for my cs team. I will pay $10-20 (maybe more if really good) for all 3 things. Requirements: You must show me your portfolio You must give me the .psd+fonts+brushes if I decide to buy it You must not rip, I will search every graphic design website there is just to make sure you don't rip because I have plenty of time Here's some examples of a sig I'd want: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v132/Cid...igs/ffer-84.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v132/Cid...cidcosig001.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v132/Cid...idcosig40te.jpg Here's some examples of a logo I'd want: http://caleague.com/data/teamlogos/136318.jpg http://caleague.com/data/teamlogos/136411.jpg http://caleague.com/data/teamlogos/158396.jpg http://caleague.com/data/teamlogos/124101.jpg http://caleague.com/data/teamlogos/154190.jpg I will give details of what pic want you to use for the sig and details for the logo once you post here.
  13. FS: 60 day WoW US gamecard

    Sorry, sold already. Close please.