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  1. Looking for something playable ... doesn't have to be top tier by any means. Druid, Trapper, Hdin, Necro, BvC something of that nature. Lmk wug and the price ... ty.
  2. How did you find Dtrades?

    Randomly tried this site again after years and years ... so cool to see it's back! Honestly don't know how I found it in the first place back then but it was good times! The nostalgia of looking at the old dtrades site in the announcement thread was amazing!
  3. Interested in the druid. Shoot me a pm when you're around.
  4. Narn

  5. Every part of my ISO must be Legit! ISO: 1-2Druid/20Fcr Ammy other stats are bonus. 2Dru/3nado/25+base/2socket Pelt other stats are bonus. Post up w/ bins or pm me.
  6. the assassin still complete? shoot me a pm.
  7. ISO: Druid Pelt Must have: +2Druid +3Tornado +25 (or more) Life 2 Sockets Anything else is bonus. Druid Ammy Must have: +2Druid +20%fcr Anything else is bonus. Post up with s/s and bin please, or shoot me a pm.
  8. This item must be legit and on the USEast Sc NL Server. ISO: Legit****** 2druid 20fcr Ammy Other desired stats are: life resist dex post up your s/s with bin in us$
  9. i'd do that for sure. as long as it's legit.
  10. My Godly Hybridsin Ft.

    I also vouch all of his gears.
  11. like i said. you name ur price.
  12. This pelt must be on the USEast Softcore NonLadder Realm. ISO: Pelt Must Have +2 Druid +3Nado 2 Sockets I Prefer Base Life Base Res 2druid/3nado/10fhrbase/baselife/1socket pelts are also acceptable! Post up with an s/s. And a bin in us $. I pay with non c/c verified paypal only.
  13. Some names ft

    is LMK a name you have? or are you saying "let me know?" if you have LMK i want it.