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  1. Quitting Sale

    Okay, I'll close to you within a day or two. Maybe sooner since you aren't likely to get outbid at this rate.
  2. $700 DOLLARS.

    I have a: 3/20/2 PnB Circ Perm'd StormC Perm'd GSpurs
  3. Quitting Sale

    @ccsutton: I'll set the bin at 25. For 20 I'll think about it and probably close within a few days @mity: I've pm'd you, but haven't heard back after some time. SCirc is still for sale, c/o is 20 unless Mity gets back to me.
  4. Quitting Sale

    32 for bin tomorrow I'll close on this tomorrow afternoon.
  5. Quitting Sale

    25 is c/o on StormC. I'll set bin at 35. bid 30 and I'll close within 2-3 days.
  6. Quitting Sale

    Okay, C/Os are: SCirc: $20 Order Emblem: 15 @athirstymonkey, could you please split up your offer? I may end up selling the SCirc to someone and then the PnB circ to you.
  7. Quitting Sale

    csutton, I have no bin on that, and I won't accept that as a c/o until you show that you're a trustworthy person. Either that or you pay by MO. athirstymonkey, sorry but you'll have to pay by MO if you want anything.
  8. Quitting Sale

    Sorry, he is still c/o. Prior to bidding again, contact me with any kind of information about you. Since I only accept paypal, you must be a trustworthy buyer.
  9. Quitting Sale

    This is c/o. I may close on it.
  10. Quitting Sale

    Here's the simple answer: I don't remember. If you want me to elaborate, I can. I've had it for a long time, a long time.
  11. Quitting Sale

    x 2 (two are available) I've been out of the loop for about a year, so my item prices may be a bit weird. I have plenty of random gear if you want it, but I don't think anyone wants to pay cash for enigmas/ctas/hotos and things of that nature, but I do have them (6bo and 40 hotos to boot), plus plenty of spirits (35 fcr monarch, some pally bo, bo monarchs, etc) and plenty of random stuff for most any character. Anyway, all my gear is legit, except for the 3HS CTA and Storm Circlet amulet; those are permanent. I'm really just looking to quit so throw offers my way and I might take you up on it. If in doubt if I have some stuff, just ask. I might I might not.
  12. Need a Mod

    I'm looking for a mod to help out for a trade with Nathan. http://www.postabout.com/index.php?showtopic=419279 My libby for his $110.
  13. Me too. I really enjoy dueling.
  14. ISO 9x 45 life pcombs

    Shoot me an offer. Worst I can say is "No thanks, I'd rather sell with the char."