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  1. ~ 8,000 FG Giveaway ~

    Thank you Mos.
  2. iso blizz sorc/hdin gear

    35% fathom from last ladder season throw me an offer
  3. ~ 8,000 FG Giveaway ~

    Because I'd like to change my name (I hate it) and make it cool looking. <3
  4. Trading Jsp fg 4 Pa fg

    looks like he will so it isnt spam: i pm'd you a question
  5. Let's say all of my items give me a lvl 1 fanta (helm, shield, weapon, and armor) would they stack and become a lvl 4 fanta? Would it stack with a lvl 20 fanta from your skill tree? T.T
  6. Lame excuse for a thread, take this back to jsp.
  7. GG Smiter

    That hs cta perm?
  8. Juv hunting...

    [quote name='
  9. Juv hunting...

    I never find those in chaos... -.-
  10. What's the best character and place to find them.
  11. FG for basic MF gear.

    Sorry. =X