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  1. Account/Name Templar

    Close thread I gave away for free.
  2. Account Name: Kaigan East Nl Exp Templar - Level 99 Pally Yahbulon - Level 1 Barb Freemason - Level 1 Pally Shriner - Level 1 Pally Demolay - Level 1 Pally Account is reg to my accounting department but i will change it over to yours. 100$ https://i.imgur.com/fNFEoNr.png
  3. Welcome To DTrades: Kaigan!

    When is this company gonna take over d2jsp? I have a 15k program I sell in which I would do for free here. We should start by making a Google adwords account and choosing ”d2jsp” as the keyword so this site shows up on Google home page when they search for jsp. You could also take out d2gd in the same breath.