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  1. Godly Melee, Zeal and Concentrate

    No, that is how much items may worth if I take time and sell one by one for maximum value. But I listen to all offers, and if some big items have interest maybe sell separate. Some of these items are near impossible to get today, there are some others but owners will never trade them. Characters for highrollers only
  2. Godly Melee, Zeal and Concentrate

    I look to see offer first if anyone has interest, but for reference just paladin is ~5k worth of gear. However, I definitely listen to any offers, I don't expect to get that amount. And if some of the bigger items were purchase I may sell items separate. #1 berserker - 1200 #1 mallet - 1200 craft ring - 300 #1 circlet - 500 ds helm - 450 def helm - 400 craft gloves - 300 rare armor - 300 pp torch - 100 p anni - 40 3/20/20 - 70 + other misc item ~120 The barbarian is more cheap, but still has some special item: berserker - 500 glitch valor - 350 #1 defense helm - 1100 craft gloves - 300 craft ring - 300 etc As I mention crypto is prefer but I consider all offer, including USD
  3. Zeal Weapons: Ghoul Reaver Berserker Axe: 293 ED-40 IAS-14 Max Damage-Fools-Repair Durability-2os Cruel Crusher Legendary Mallet: 298 ED-40 IAS-16 Stregnth-Fools-Repair Durability-2os Call to Arms +3 Holy Shield Jewelry: Eagle Coil Ring: 120ar-25str-15dex-56life Ravenfrost Perfect Highlords Helms: Grim Hood: 2pal-Visionary-29str-17dex-39life-2os Deadly Strike Visionary: 10ds-Visionary-195ed-56life-2os 442 Total Defense Defense Visionary Corona: 200ed-Visionary-31life-erep-2os 747 Total Defense Armor: Carrion Carapace Sacred Armor: 190 ED-51 Life-20 Poison Resistence-Repair Durability-2os 2612 Total Defense Craft Gloves: 20ias-10 Crushing Blow-187ed-15str-15dex-19life 189 Total Defense Steelrends Perfect Sacred Armor Prudence Perfect Shaftstop 2422 Total Defense Ethereal Valor 2176 Total Defense Verdungos Perfect Inventory: Pre-patch 25%/20/20 Paladin Torch 20/20/10 Anni 3/20/20 x 37 132/45 GC x 2 Concentrate Weapons: Blood Cleaver Berserker Axe: 296 ED-40 IAS-3 Minimum Damage-Fools-Repair Durability-2os Jewelry: Eagle Coil Ring: 120ar-25str-15dex-56life Ravenfrost Perfect Highlords Angelic Rings/Amulet Helms: Demon Crest Barbarian Helm: +2 Barbarian-Visionary-+3 Battle Orders-+3 Iron Skin-+2 Shout-33 Life-197 ED-Repair Durability-1os 712 Total Defense Armor: Legit/Perm Glitch Valor +2 Barb Craft Gloves: 20ias-10 Crushing Blow-190 ED-15 Strength-15 Dexterity-15 Life 191 Total Defense Verdungos Perfect Ethereal Toothrow Armor Sacred Armor Prudence Perfect Steelrends Perfect Sacred Armor Fortitude Perfect Inventory: Pre-patch 25%/20/20 Barbarian Torch 20/20/10 Anni 3/20/20 x 37 Fire Damage/Life SC Cold Damage/Life SC Two very godly set gears, I am long time away and only refreshing characters. Don't want expire, so sadly will sell. Looking to sell as group, prefer crypto (BTC). If you have interest, send me message please! All gears are show base stats, some weapons have LoLo, some armors or helms different jewels for melee.
  4. Welcome to DTrades! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.