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  1. C.o. setting bin at $350 I will be using a Med for trade
  2. ISO offers or bin at 225$ w.u+fees I invested over 40k in this barb Helms 756/200/6 arreats eth zoded 504/6/200 40ed-15ias 504/6/200 15ias-100ar 2barb 3bo vis 2 socket 105 defense green slayer guard arreats Weaps 100% p ebotdz 2x 50str wc clubs Shields 15ias-100ar P ss Clean open sock P ss (never got the 40-15) Gloves 179 defense 20 ias 15str 15 dex ogre gloves 100% perfect Rends Belt 100% perfect Dungo Boots 213 gores Jewlery P matching blue square ravens Highlords 100% perfect metalgrid Armors 100% p sa fort 100% p sa Prud 2568 100% perfect eth tooth only one on all of east 2502 eth hadies 2077 defense crow cow invo 100% perfect anni Dst-me 100% perfect Barb torch 10x 3-20-20 Coins 9x mix gfx 10/76/45s
  3. you can contact me here or via D2jsp at Gtmustang no bin set atm iso offers only willing to accept w/u lmk offers history is Valk is currently berd i just used same pic as zakk had on jsp Kin_zK > BeSh > 418 > Samele > 418 > pyO > Souforte > infinity. > angelgoitit > Resilience > hengster > Beingly > haobiao009 > kyolyuna > eldrid > Lund4ever>Zakk_Wylde>me
  4. http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?/topic/432769-godly-barbarian-is-godly-and-for-sale/
  5. Buying a GG Character

  6. 1,i will only be selling this barb as a whole or keeping to myself as a trophy 2,a med will be used for this trade no exceptions 3, i will only accept W/u let the bidding begin all items are 100% legit/perm helms 105defense 2barb 3bo vis 2 sock green arreat slayer 148defense 2barb 10fhr 3 bo 2 life viso 2 sock guardian crown 504/6/200 arreats 40ed-15ias jewl 504/6/200 arreats 15ias-100ar jewl 756/6/200 e arreats armors 168% Gvalor +2 barb+2sin+2sorc 163% Gvalor 2barb 2pal 2zon 2 druid < +2 all melee classes perfect prudence Sa- perfect Sa fort 100% perfect Eth tooth 2568 defense< the only 100% perfect on East ladder and nl 2502 eth Black hadies gloves 179defense 20ias-15str-15dex ogre gauntlents 100% p rends belt 100% p dungo boots 213 gores jewlery 2x perfect ravens perfect metal grid hilords weaps 100% p ebotdz 2x 50 str wc clubs shield 100% p ss 15ias-100ar invontory 100% perf barb torch 100% perf anni 9x 10/76/45s mixed gfx tryin to get swaps but no luck yet will continue to work on this 10x 3-20-20 coins
  7. like to no history/bin for 3-20-20 paws