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  1. Psycho

  2. 45s, 20/5, 32020s ft

    Sell me scs paypal grrr
  3. Mass $$$$ for 08s

    3 perm bmanas here
  4. Iso 9x45s 10 20/5s 2/19+ fcr ammy high life Gspurs 2/30/20/2 frw circlets 2perf scarab enigmas
  5. psycho is scammer!!

    I never scammed anyone dont you have 50 s/as xmt_harvest stay small random @ makaveli7 I have not paypal scammed anyone ive bought 3/20/5 fres 45s 20/5s no problem stay out of shit thats over your head
  6. 45s, 20/5, 32020s ft

    Ive never scammed on jsp or dtrades.. All false accusation with zero proof
  7. 45s, 20/5, 32020s ft

    Lol ill bin the sc later 20/5 paw
  8. ISO Full Gg char

    Perf bowa zon here for 150 if interested ill list gear All paw inv 3/20/5frws 3/19/20s 3/5frw/res etc shanks
  9. Xmt_harvest you have more scammer acusations than snp and etank combinded Each set is 15$
  10. I need a Med

    I havent sold uap atleast it doesnt take me a year to pay for d2 items
  11. I need a Med

    Justba heads up luda thats ggez known paypal chargebacker
  12. godly bowa ft

    Post it its sun gfx ilvl 73 I bet the unpermed dupe gl selling retract
  13. godly bowa ft

    250$ whats history graphic and ilvl on hilords if there is none I retract
  14. 23x 20/5s 13 paw 10 coin
  15. godly bowa ft

    U wanna post history on the hl and the graphic and the ilvl
  16. my new iso

    10 20/5 coins 12$
  17. my new iso

    10x 20/5 coin 12$ Fletch 15$
  18. multiple accounts?

    D3 is gonna be like wow pay to play
  19. Wow@e tramps pm hasted
  20. Post name and price I only have paypalnon c/c if u have any doubts pm the users who gave me fb If u need a mediator please state before so I can get one
  21. AmericanExpress' 123 perm valk for 180$ paypal will only sell to trusty pp users History~AmericanExpress' 08 Valk: Deval1 > AmericanExpress > KpxAlex > Radeon John > Sking > Lund4ever > Sking-Psycho@pa (GoAGoA) Owns the Name Its on the known trusted valk list and the names in good hands Please state if u want a mediator before hand