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  1. so im selling EVERYTHING only selling chars As a WHOLE will do here or other site Here are the Bins Barb: 350 Hdin: 150 Ele: 200 Blizz sorc: 180 Ghost sin: 400 Smiter: 170 Fire sorc: 500 Zon: 200 Wolf barb: 120 Hyb sin: 180 Necro: 300 or Bin All for 2,000 Level 99 Barb Named Gear: -2barb/42%ed/viso/118AR/2NatRes/3Bo/12str/2energy/20@res/2os White Arreats Viso -2barb/42%ed/Viso/118AR/3Bo/12str/33life/20@res/2os Red Arreats Viso -Perfect Coa ber ber -Perfect 15/15/775 Ring mail EoD -Perfect 15/15/775 Ring mail Enigma -Perfect Grief Of Doom 15/3 -Perfect Beast Of Doom 15/3 -Perfect 15/3 BOTDZ -Perfect 213 Def Goes -Perfect 140/40/13/120/15 Dungos -Perfect Arach -Perfect Trangs -Perfect Arreats 40/15 jewel -2x perfect Ravens -Perfect MetalGrid -2x Perfect Wisp's -2x Angelic ring's and ammy -Perfect Hotspurs -+3 warcrys 10%fcr ammy -Highlords -Rising Sun -Perfect Tgods -Demon limb -Perfect Hoto -6/6/4 Cta Flail Inventory: All charms are Matching "M" Gfx -29x 3/20/20s -5fhr/5@res -7x 20Life/5@res -3x 10-20 Cold Damage 20life Small charms 1.08 charms -451 Psn -3x 10-20 cold damage/20life -20/20torch -20/20/7 anni ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hammerdin Gear: -+2 Paladin skills 20%fcr 54%ED 17dex 54 Life Max life 10% 2os with Jah Runes -831 def Ring Mail 15ed base Enigma 775 -Wiz Spike with 20/15 jewel -Spirit Of Phoeonix Sacred Targe 15ed/45@res -CtA 6/6/4 -Spirit 35%fcr Sacred Targe 15ed/45@res -Trang Ouls -30% frw 10% fhr 183%ed 9dex coldres 37% lightres 38% -Perfect Arachnid Mesh -+2 pally 20%fcr 13dex 47life 10mana regen mana 10% -10%fcr 110 ar 2% life steal 1 strength 14 dex 55life -10%fcr 57 ar 12 str 15 dex 74 mana 10@res Inventory: -9x pcomb 45 life Monster GFX -10x 20/5@res Coin GFX -Torch 20/20 -Anni 20/20/9 Stash: -Treachery -2x Matching Wisp rings Bband -2x Matching Raven Bband -2x Matching Bk rings Orange all perfect rolls. -Hoto 40@res -IK boots and Gloves -Crown of Ages 2 socket -Hot Spurs -Snow Clash -Tgods -Perfect Grief PB -40/15 Dungo’s -Kiras Guardian. -War Scepter: 2 to pally skills 3 concentrate 3 blessed hammer 10str 40life 30@res With 2 Jewels. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ele Druid Cyclos Gear: -2Druid/24fhr/3nado/2volcano/8energy/32life/30@res Red Antlers -2Druid/24fhr/Viso/3nado/18str/18dex/22life/20@res Blue Antlers -2Druid/20fcr/14fhr/46str/18dex/37life/36@res Diadem -Perfect 15/15 SoP -775 EoD Ap -Perfect 15/15 Ap Enigma -Perfect eth Hoto -Perfect eth Spirit Sword -40/13/15 dungos -Arach -Perfect trangs -2/25 dancers -6/6/4 cs Cta -33fcr spirit -blood fists -Eth Suicide branch clean socket -Perfect StormShield ber'd -Perfect Raven Roung Blue -Perfect BK Round Blue -Perfect Dawrf Round Blue -10%fcr/5str/10dex/53life/11LightRes Ring Round Blue -10%fcr/20str/38life/17mana/10@res Ring Round Blue -2druid/20fcr/29str/16dex/16mana/mana regen 7% Ammy Inventory: -20/20torch -20/20/5 anni -9x 45 life Monster Gfx -10x 20/5 M Gfx -2x 5fhr/5@res Paw Gfx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blizz Sorceress Gear: -2/sorc/20fcr/14fhr/47str/35life/30mana/35@res---Diadem -2sorc/20Fcr/17str/53life/19mana/4%mana regen---ammy -10fcr/20str/33life/63mana/23ColdRes/26FireRes---ring -10Fcr/16str/31life/29cold res/36lightres/8@res---ring -100% perfect Sop Monarch 15/15 -20cold/-20cold/100life jewelers anicent armor of whale -20/-20cold/attakcers take damage of 7 PlateMail of Razors -20/-20cold Jmod 148 def -100% perfect Eth Death Fathom -100% perfect Nightwings -Perfect WaterWalks -Perfect Arach -Perfect Mafefists -6/6/4 CS Cta -35%/92mana Eth Spirit Shield -15/15 trek's -Perfect 15/3 Doom Zeker -Hotspurs Inventory: -9x 45 Cold lifers Eye gfx -12% fhr Cold Gc -10x 20/5 paws -20/20/5 anni -20/20 Torch ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ghost Assassain : 40,000 BIN Gear: -2sin/20fcr/42ed/118ar/12str/19dex/20@res/2os Diadem -118ar/20str/15dex/30life/11@res/35PsnRes Ring -10fcr/110ar/17str/13dex/16LightRes/28FireRes Ring -2sin/18Fcr/28Str/19Dex/13mana/5%mana regen Ammy -Perfect 15/15/775 Mp Engima -Perfect Dungos -Perfect Shadow Dancers -Trangs -343%/2ShadowMaster/2MindBlast/3LS Chaos Claw Suwayyah -6/6/4 Cta Flail -35% fcr Spirit Shield -24%fhr/10%OW/22str/72life/28LightRes Belt -24%fhr/10%OW/21str/73life/18mana Belt Inventory: -20/20 Torch -20/20/8 anni -9x 45 life Shadow Monster Gfx -10x3/20/20 Footballs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Smiter Gear: -40/15/400/-24%/+13Lak GoD Phase Blade -100% perfect Coa berber -20ais/10%CB/11str/14dex/15Life/23%coldRes gloves -100% perfect Eth Exile Vortex 45@res -100% GoD Zerker -100% perfect Dungos -2pally/17dex/54life/50fire res/18@res Ammy -100% perfect Ring mail Enimga -141 Ber'd shako -100% Perfect 15/15 Eth Trecks -35%Fcr/15%ED/112mana/45@res/3magic sorb SoP St -Treachery -Perfect Arach -Perfect Last Wish Zeker -2x Perfect Wisp's -2x Perfect Ravens -2x Perfect Bk's -Perfect Water Walks -Perfect Tgods -Hotspurs -6/6/4/+3Holy Sheild Cta -100% perfect Spirit St Inventory: -9x 45life Dna Pally Combat -10x 20/5 Coin -20/20 ptorch -20/19/5 anni ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vit FB Sorc : Gear: -Fletch -Mpwj's Grim Spurs -Perfect Spirit Sword -Perfect Eth Hoto -Fort of Stone -Perfect 15/15 SoP -1005 def upped Viper -Perfect Wisp -Perfect Dwarf -Perfect Tgods -Perfect Eth Eschuta's -Arach -MageFist -2sorc/20Fcr/26str/51Life/2os Jah,Jah Diadem -10Fcr/22str/55life/11@res Ring Chain Gfx -10Fcr/21str/57life/11@res Ring Winged Gfx Inventory: -9x 45 life Monster Gfx fire Gc's -10x 20/5's Bmana Gfx -2x 5/5 Bmana Gfx -6x 20Life/11%FireRes Bmana Gfx -2x 20Life/11%lightRes Bmana Gfx -1x 20Life/11%ColdRes Bmana Gfx 20/20/5 Anni 20/20 Torch ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the Hybrid Amazon Gear: -2zon/30frw/30ias/80ED/10dex/40life/15@res----Daidem -9min damage/114AR/16str/40life/30 liferes/30/psnres--ring -100% perfect FoI Dimond Bow -perfect FoC Dusk -20ias/knockback/15str/14dex/attacker takes damage of 5-gloves -Perfect War Travs -Perfect Nos's Coil -Perfect SS GFG jewel in it lol -+6 bo Cta Cs -Cats Eye -Perfect Raven Inventory: -10x 3/20/20 Paw -22x 3%frw/3max/20ar Paw -5x 3%frw/%@Res Paw -20/20 zon torch -20/19/10 anni ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolf Barb Gear: -100% perfect Wolfhowl 30/60/9/9 jewel -40/15/400/3/-24/10LaK GoD Pb -60/20 rends -207 upped gores -100% perfect FoC Ap -40/12/15 dungos -Perfect SS 40/15 -Perfect raven -Angelic rings -Angelic ammy -hoto -cta Inventory: -5x 10/75/45 4x 10/74/45 Monster Gc's -10x 3/20/20's Bmana Gfx -20/20/9 anni -20/20 Btorch ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hybrid Assassain Gear: -+2sin/20fcr/60ed/arperlvl/120ar/18str/34dex -775 Enigma of Bone AP -Perfect Arachnid Mesh -Perfect Trangs -Perfect Shadow Dancer -Ammy: Angelic Wings -Ring: Angelic Halo -Ring: 10fcr/65ar/15str/10dex/87mana/11@res -Double Um’d Fools Claw 30ias /6-20fire dmg/1-2cold dmg/3light sentry/1blade fury/1dragon tail -Chaos Suwayyah Claw 340ed/3 venom/3 dragon Flight/ 3 light sentry -6/6/4 Double Axe Cta -Bo Spirit Mon Inventory: -9x 1Shadow/45life gc’s Monster GFX -10x 3/20/20 Bmana GFX -Torch 20/20 -Anni 20/20/6 Stash: -Valkyrie Wing 199%ed/2amaskills/3man after kill -Tgodz 190%ed -Wisp 20%Sorb Orange GFX -Perfect Raven Frost Sloop GFX -Highlords Wrath Ammy -Ammy 2sin/18fcr/19dex/28life/18mana/10%man regen ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mb Necro Gear: -2Necro/30frw/20fcr/84AR/16str/36dex/20@res Circlet -2Necro/30FRW/20Fcr/27str/20@res Cham Lo Circlet -2Necro/20fcr/45life/17mana/10% mana reg/20@res ammy -2Necro/20Fcr/17Dex/15mana/6% mana Reg/20@res ammy -10Fcr/5str/15dex/53life/10@res Chain Gfx Ring -10Fcr/21str/12dex/19life/11@res Chain Ring -100% perfect SoP Mon -100% Perfet Spirit Of Reason Sword -100% perfect Arach -trangs -30%frw/10%fhr/8Dex/37% Light Res/33% Fire Res/37% Psn Res Boots -40/12/15 Dungos -24%fhr/20Str/43life/25Cold res/30 light res/26 Fire Res Belt -10%fcr/24%fhr/55life/17mana/5% mana reg/11% psn Res Belt -+6 bo cta -Perfect Spirit Mon -Perfect Eld SS Inventory: 9x 45 life monster Gfx Pnb Skillers 10x 20/5 Bmana Gfx 20/20 necro torch 19/20/8 anni
  2. getting back in to d2 and i loved to hoard and build chars so thats what im doing since i got scammed for over $3000 in gear and 112k FG going to be picky from who i buy from looking for Sin gear sorc gear zon gear barb gear
  3. Clan_Ew

  4. i had before my account got stolen
  5. post up wug and how much u want for it and how much it is worth in fg please i really need to make some FG since a so called Friend Stole All my Gear
  6. post up wug and how much u want for it and how much it is worth in fg please i just bought something on here i thought was going to bring me some good FG but looks like everyone has been telling me its crap tbh im really pissed o well i guess
  7. 2sin/20fcr/30frw/visionary/24str/2os diadem - $90 def intrested lmk if u coudl hold for me def would buy in like two weeks
  8. ill take wu and yes im in ny im ready to trade any time. SWEET im in ny to rochester to be exact can we do this maybe this weekend when i get paid ...?
  9. Huge account worth 65k+

    i am intrested in this and have money to burn lmk asap
  10. i am intrested in this will u take w/u and are u located in us ?
  11. Bvc/Pnb Ft

    100 to bin both chars
  12. godly bvc & v/t

    i am intrested in barb lmk if price comes down looking to spend around eighty Dollars
  13. lmk wug and how much u want just got scammed out of 15k fg worth of items so im done im just going to buy some GG chars and thats that thanks X420Ownag3@jsp here btw