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  1. all these views an no comments hmmm active site for sure
  2. i have several duped items still in classic non-ladder interested in getting p/c ruby wraith shell ruby hcasque bitter masters bone masters amythysted fiend breaker saphired soul scratch dread spirals viper whorls ruby cruel visage pblazers open socket dread harp pskulled glyph carpace eagle circles sshanks all these have real good histories from prominate people that will vouch anytime@ jsp nothing here from DREW lookin for cash p/c an fg price check
  3. i only want classic items i have no use for ezpac stuff
  4. are they still in classic or have they been converted
  5. ya lookin to spend 10-500 depending on what ya have lookin for prices per item an main iso is a gawdly bvb/bva (i have the barb) if there not perm must say so i have many dupes can trade or i have fg @jsp (not near enuff for main iso but maybe few item) i know im new but i pay with your choice w/u m/g paypal an last but not least this trade will involve a mediator unless u wanna give first cause under no circumstances will i send money b4 i at least know a mediator/myself has the items
  6. hello im neodarkstar aka james also same name at jsp im 44 y/o been playin 4 manny manny moons hate expac been doin lvl jobs an mass crushes an 100%legit for most of these years im here because a friend of mine said tis a good place to get me dupes im iso so here i am
  7. this being my first post on this site ofc i want a med to do the trade what im searching for really just about anything with a decent price tag main iso is a full duped bvb or bva setup but pieces are nice as well do have jsp fg if thats the way ya wanna do it but i dont have near enuff for the kinda gear im iso also this being said if this post is at all not allowed or in wrong spot as i said its my first post an i apologize btw im 44 y/o not lookin for childishness a med is the best way an i pay$ in many ways up to you walmarts right up the street so w/u m/g or i have a paypal
  8. Welcome to the forums neodarkstar :)

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