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  1. Aborted

  2. Hi everyone...status update

    Can i come with?
  3. where the old dtraders??
  4. From: ***** tenjuna's giveaway v4.0 *****

    i will take more keys from..........cornerbrawl///3
  5. keys... caintest2///6
  6. From: ***** tenjuna's giveaway v1.1 *****

    i know this aint on the list but i really need an infinity so if you could spare thats would be amazing... if not im sorry to ask
  7. From: ***** tenjuna's giveaway v1.1 *****

    i will take some keys......caintest2///5
  8. fletch cornerbrawl///7 please
  9. heyy dude i remember you. haha do you remember me? i use to be pinnacle_rage aka calso aka jec on this site. do you remember me? the pinnacle_rage sounds familiar how ya been? you still playing d2?
  10. Nobody wants to hook an old brother up huh?
  11. D2 Giveaway *IN PROGRESS*

    This guy doesn't deserve shit. He is a thief. <3 madlib!!! im still trying to get shit going haha
  12. D2 Giveaway *IN PROGRESS*

    Im interested i hope im home when this goes down just started back up after 3 years and letting my accounts expire wasnt a good idea let me know sir i could use anything you got to give
  13. ft p griz caddy

    wanna hook me up for free? considerring i have nothing and im trying to start back up again?
  14. k well pm me whenever that is sir