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  1. VeRSeS

  2. I need a Med

    there are 3 or 4 s/a's against you on jsp and 1 on here but you dont scam? imo you'll be banned shortly so keep up the spam and make it quicker
  3. I need a Med

    a known uap seller and scammer warning people about scammers, hmm thats funny
  4. I need a Med

    can do this is he gets on soon (within the next half out)
  5. Fletch for 17$

    Beware of this user. Claims have been made that psycho is jinna@jsp which has been on a scammer spree
  6. Im interested in the legit 120 and also the pnb gcs depending on what gfxs they are. Just picked up a 120 ilvl 70 the other day and trying to get another one off dave so lmk gfxs on the pnb gcs and who ur listing the valk for. You can pm me on here or jsp. Jsp will get a quicker responce
  7. Updated Names

    Does nobody respond to pms anymore? Lol
  8. Updated Names

    So many funny names that could get slain by cancer, breast, colon, testis, testicals, etc but still wouldn't be funny cause of the millions of people cancer kills around the world. Just a thought
  9. selling the best boots on east

    Next person that spams gets warned. As far as him being a multi his ip checks out clean so cut the spam. If anyone else spams here pm me directly
  10. For the price of the axe id like atleast 280ed. Would like higher def on the gloves
  11. Asked for bin on bv almost 2 weeks ago....
  12. Ill take the 320s if we can work out something on our other deal
  13. I like the soul sunder erk, the bv vis, and the eth rep gloves kron. Lmk bins on those Would be interested in the imp cleaver if its 2os matty Not waiting on ladder to roll for items luda and don't insult other peoples items in my thread or pa for that matter. As for bins im not going to offer on any item. Its your items so you set bins.