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  1. oops it is your birthday, silly me. Rike, I suggest you visit The Shroomery growing is easy and can be very low key. I also suggest you do more reading than posting their search feature is phenomenal. You will not find a better source of information on cultivation anywhere else, they have information posted starting from like 1999!
  2. Looking for

    i have an extra half life 2 copymake me an offer, only accepting cash via mail
  3. this goose has been cooked, and subsequently eaten too so excuse me
  4. Pro's and Con's of pot smoking.

    name one thing bad about vaping weed sans the cost to purchase it
  5. Good apps

    dont forget daemon tools
  6. Good Rap

    dipset hahaha
  7. http://orz.4chan.org/wg/imgboard.html
  8. SHIT FUCK FUCK will get this thread trashed/locked? lazy mods tisk tisk
  9. Need honest opinions

    If you love someone "more than anything in the world", than you don't go and fuck your ex-bo, apologize for it, and then, incredibly, ask to do it again. Red flags aplenty. A few things ring true as a result of her actions. #1) She doesn't know what love is, means, nor what to do with it. #2) She obviously doesn't mean what she says. #3) She likes drama. #4) She likes attention. #5) She is a cunt. #6) She is a cunt/whore. #7) She is a cunt/whore/drama queen. I say you hook up once more, grudge fuck her and then drop a smelly deuce on her chest for good measure. great point, also tori is still further wrong for defending his cunt girlfriend!
  10. Anyone smoke?

    i don't smoke cigarettes, weed with beer can be nice
  11. Need honest opinions

    You can't "cheat" if you aren't in an exclusive/monogamous relationship. *shrug* + there is a difference between going on a date and dating you stupid cunt it is important to communicate things like exclusivity in a relationship but this is clearly not the case for him, she even regrets it, why stick up for someone who acknowledged their own fault edit: apologies for sounding so harsh but how is exclusivity even an issue based on what he's told us..?
  12. Thoughts of Rap?

    im really gay, disregard every post i made in this thread wow

    i think he's trolling you guys