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  1. Must be nice to live in a place with gigabit interwebs!
  2. Join date, bro ;). I actually had an account before this one...I think it has long since been purged. Don't entirely recall how I stumbled across dTrades, but I think I'm one of the oldest surviving members at this point. I do recall fond times of setting up trades from the computer lab at school... Also, http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?/membermap/ is kinda cool. Assuming the iplooks are accurate...surprised to see some people who lived so close to me.
  3. Glad to see you're still around. I've been SUPER slammed at work for the past...6 months. Ugh, life. Using your TS server tonight to play some long over due PoE ;). Sad state of life is I think many people have a lot less time to dedicate to the interwebs. Gotta keep a new crowd coming in.
  4. Indeed, probably reasonable. If you're going to keep a public worklist, might be worth making a sticky post that is always 'current.' Might be worth even keeping track of old plans that you've now decided are a bad idea. e.g. Fix 3.5 Decided to upgrade to 4 instead. Upgrade to 4 Add TS Server Done ... Helps the community keep track of what is going on, understand where the direction is heading, and helps you feel accomplished -- all in one thread!
  5. Replying to your locked thread, deal with it. Do you need a license for TS? Thought it was freeware unless you were generating money through it. In hindsight, I'm not sure I verified that with the ToS...
  6. Well at least we have TS and Mumble. TBH, you should probably just pick one client so we all show up in the same chat area... I've heard some murmurs of Discord over the past year(?), that might be the new 'it' thing -- probably worth looking into, though I know next to nothing about it. EDIT: What's with the 8 port limit. Also, hopefully you're already doing the right things, but let me know if you want to have a chat about firewall rules, linux 'users' (programs), etc
  7. Seems I replied to the wrong thread... Happy tenjuna day!
  8. Host a teamspeak server for all of the old pros! Edit: I had one hosted, linux box had issues, haven't fixed it yet... Fwiw, I did some template changes at one point, they seemed to stick/work. That's been a couple years ago now, but I could have a look? Edit: Best way is to probably duplicate the website at some dummy public ip address as a 'sandbox' and play around. If you look at the webarchive of dtrades, you can see what forum 'improvements' don and I made. Edit: http://web.archive.org/web/20130618132308/http://www.dtrades.org Anything that required you to login, you obviously cannot see...
  9. I looked if I had a backup from the webhost you switched to and sadly, I do not... . I wonder if they keep backups of sites that drop off their user list (doubtful, but it might be worth checking). Also of note, in your hiatus, the_futon_god (tony) made an appearance. As far as I could tell, it was actually him. He didn't stick around long, but I did have a couple chats with him. Further notes: Duped (Mac), duckfluffed (Don), Rike (Ryan), and a few others (Gary, etc) have been known to show up on PoE now and again. If you have a gaming itch, give PoE another shot. It was a pretty good game when you first tried it and, IMO, has gotten nothing but better. fwiw, new challenge league (fresh start for everyone) starts June 3rd. Don and I made some "improvements" to the layout and features of the site when it was on the 3rd party host (youtube inline vidoes, forum restructure, etc). Getting those back would be kind of cool. Other than that, great trip down nostalgia lane... EDIT: Glad you've finally seen the light of Linux
  10. It isn't the tenth of June... or April first for that matter.
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