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  1. Pelt FT

    $20, PM me closing price
  2. Iso: Godly Circlets

    3/20/2 Light Sorc Circlet and 2/98Life/2 Pally Circlet, interested in either? Both found and socketed by me.
  3. 120 for your 32020s, i dont need the others
  4. noo i want! pm me closing price
  5. wow, this is VERY nice. $200
  6. CHARMS Small Charms 3frw/3max/12ar 5FHR/2max/18ar (lvl 29) 4 all res 6x 100 psn over 5 secs (1 with 5%mf, 1 with +1Dex) 2x 175 psn over 6 secs 35ar/15life 5fhr/9 cold res 5fhr/30 def 2max/16ar/14life (lvl 21) Grand Charms 1x Off Aura GC 2x Druid Shapeshift 1x Druid Shapeshift +3 str 2x Sorc Cold 1x Zon Passive/12FHR 2x Barb Warcry 1x Barb Combat 1x Sin Shadow Disciplines RARES/MAGIC/WHITES 2Pally/+98 Life/2 Socket Circlet +1 Passive and magic/20IAS/15Str Gloves 2cold/10cast/+8str/10mana/psn resist Amulet (Lvl 30) 7FHR/8STR/26Fire Res/1-12 Lite Dmg Jewel 30/-30 Die Crystal Sword RUNES 2x Pul 2x Lem 1x Fal 5x Ko 5x Lum 7x Io 8x Dol 12x Shael 19x Ral 8x Spirit Sets w/ Hel's 2x Spirit Sets w/o Hel's KEYS/ORGANS/TORCHES 20/16 Zon Torch 2x 20/17 Necro Torches 7x Organ Sets 11x Hate Keys 8x Terror Keys UNIQUES Unid SS(146 Base) Unid Leviathan Unid Waterwalks 256ed/5socket Runemaster Ettin Axe 220% Shaftstop 5%/-3% Lite Facet 186% Tucs Unid Tstrokes 179/11/17 Marrowwalks 3x Unid Arreats 15/12 Treks 11/12 Treks 188% Tgods 2x Unid Occy 37/11 Dungos 25 Maras Cats Eye Unid Gull Dagger Unid Wiz 10/25 Andys 2x Carrion Wind
  7. I have whisp dwarf and carrion wind rings, PM me. the wisp is kinda low btw
  8. Need Chars

    Been looking for some chars for a while now and all I have gotten so far is a Hammerdin, but I don't really enjoy dueling on these. I want a FB sorc / BvC Barb ASAP. Paying with money order, or I could set up a paypal account (Prefer MO though). Post your Char/Items/How much bins, PM me too if you don't mind. Need ASAP.