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  1. -tori-

  2. TamTams Btal Poofed

    Sorry, this is not the place to post "scammer accusation" posts. Moreover, permed items are buyer beware. We all know this. People can have what they believe to be "permed" items for years and then they can poof. Not to mention that people can lie in attempts to get a free item. Which is exactly why we don't deal with them in scammer accusations. Closed. Don't repost this here.

    I have to go with PS3. I like Xbox 360 a lot too (we own both), but PS3 is what I use for most everything now days. Not to mention I like the look of it better (the Xbox 360 just looks more childish, whereas the PS3 is very sleek). The PS3 is used for HD TV and bluray movies too, which is nice. The only thing I still do on Xbox 360, probably because I haven't taken the time to figure it out on the PS3, is that I do my instant downloading of Netflix through the Xbox 360.
  4. Site Status 11/29/09

    So, how's the progress on the kickboxing, Cain?
  5. Metallica - 11/9/09

    I knew people who went. I'm originally from just north of Grand Rapids.
  6. Site Status 11/29/09

    No worries, we'll all just waiting for D3. I bought a new HDTV and I'm running a new computer straight through the TV to get ready for D3.
  7. 2x valks and 2x Gclaws ft

    Just hit the "bump" button instead of writing it. Thanks!
  8. iso fg~ $$ conversion

    Ah! Sorry, I'm really bad at in game currency value/item value now.
  9. iso fg~ $$ conversion

    What do you mean? Cause you can't sell FG for $.
  10. PostAbout's 5th Birthday & I need your help!

    *patiently waits for D3*
  11. so fucking ugly...

  12. Tori = sexy nice to see some real women :p ty

  13. Iso Trade Mediator.

    Sorry, we can *ONLY* act at mediators/moderators during the trade (aka, hold items while money is being sent, etc.). We do NOT test items for the obvious reason that if stuff poofs, the owner can try to claim that the item(s) are stolen and did not poof. The headache associated with this makes it absolutely against our staff rules.
  14. looking for a trade mediation

    This is correct PM Bruno, I'm guessing he can do it again. This time though, KEEP EVIDENCE OF SENDING THE MONEY ORDER. Just a friendly reminder so the same thing doesn't happen again.