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  1. KoKaNe

  2. ISO: 102 fcr godly trap assn

    Demo's .08 Valk Here /w gfg History!! Can Get Vouches If U need ofc. pm me cuz i will forget about post!!
  3. Faith GMB - 2/3/15 aura/330-345 ed High Def Non-Eth Fort DS (1.5LpL) 120/45 30% FRW Helm Dual Stat Ring /w str/dex/100+ AR/All res 40/15/ dungos 3/xx/3% frw sc's (10x)
  4. Buying basically all items

    Hey bobble wat u ISO now pm me ur list plz
  5. I Need The Following Items Only, Hoto (40 Res)Perf 141 Def Shako Mara's (30 Res) Enigma Mage Plate (High Def) 20/16+ P Torch 18+/18+/9+ anni 6x Pombs wit 12% FHR 6/6/x Cta Bo Spirit 15/15/ STreks Leave Ur Bin Plz..
  6. My Massive FT List

    b0lt wat do u actually got left bro, pm ur list that u got left anything for hdin?
  7. sabersaw, .08 valk here with history/vouches if ur still Iso it: also have 5x permed 3/20/20's pm me if interested
  8. pm me for 20/5's if you still have
  9. bitter brogue boots here not sure if u need or not but godly rare boots bro with history pm me if interested
  10. Selling esfb mb o.o

    i need perf hoto bin plz?
  11. Iso Spirit Monarch

    hey brad i got a 34 fcr 112 mana spirit but i need a 35 fcr spirit i dont care about mana let me know if you got , or u can get and we can trade
  12. x/6/x cta high stat anni 35 fcr spirit mon 15/15 non eth treks