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  1. Creeping_Death

  2. DISO: Easy Items

    DISO: 8x 20 Life Sc's Eth Cv/Ca Infinity (Any Stats) FT: FG Must be legit. Looking to get as cheap as possible.
  3. ISO: Basic Hammerdin Gears

    price please?
  4. My Old Fury Druid

    I got the most out of them that I could at that time but prices on jsp have pretty much doubled or tripled on rare items like that. It does suck. i wish I still had this stuff.
  5. My Old Fury Druid

    That was a typo 3x40-15 and LO is whats in it Here is a pic of the helm.
  6. This was the last character I had before I quit d2 and once I sold it I was done. I found this Trade List on my computer and thought I'd share it with you. I wish I had never got rid of it. Let me know what you think about it. Also if you'd like to see pics let me know I still have a few screenshots of some of these items. Also I threw in a couple of other things I had at one time or other on my fury druid. Helm: 474 Def Up'd Jalal (7Fhr/29ed/8Str/8Dex) Guilluames (7Fhr/29ed/8Str/8Dex) +2Druid/+3Fury/2os Green Griffon (2x 27Max Jewels) +5 Fury Rare Helm (+2Druid/+3Fury/17Fhr/28Ed/9Str/24Life/Pr 6/Psn Length Rdc 25%) 7Fhr/28Ed/9Str Jool Armor: 120 Max/95 Life Wire 10% Sup 1.5Lpl/30 Res Scarab Jewelers Scarab Husk of Whale (96 Life/28Fhr/117Ed/33Str/24Dex) -Jools were (3x 7Fhr/29Ed/8Str/8Dex 1x 7Fhr/30Ed/9Str) I think? Weaps: CFKOQ (Cruel Fanged Knife Of Quickness) (255Base ED Socketed With 40/15Ias and Shael) Godly Rare 5Fps Fanged Knife (40Ias/395Ed/15Max Dmg/135Ar/7LL/3Str/Fr6) <<Stats With 40/15 Max Jewel Cruel Phase Blade of Quickness (70Ias/353Ed) 266/8 Edc 218 Erazor 407/15 Ebotdz 6/6/1 Cta Flail 14% Sup Fury Fanged Knife Griswolds Weapon (3x40/15 and LO) Shield: 148 Base Stormshield (7Fhr/54Ar/9Dex Jool) Bo Spirit Jewelry: Highlords 19Str/14Dex/22 Life Ring 105Ar/19Str/12Dex/22Life/Cold Res 7 Ring 19Str/13Dex/38Life/Fire Res 8 Ring 249/20, 245/20 Ravens (Matching) +3Shape/100 Life Ammy Gloves: 278 Def 60/20 Rends 88 Def Double Up'd Bfists (Perfect) Boots: .08 Gores (89 Def) 210 Def Up'd Gores Belt: 40/15 Rep 13 Dungo Charms: 40/40/40/42/43/43/43/44/44 Shape Lifers (All Eye Graphic Except 2 40's) 10x 3Max/14+Ar/20 Life Scs (Matching Brown Graphic) 20/17 Torch 20/19/9 Anni Everything was 100% Legit. Let me know what you think and ask if you want some pictures. Also if you have seen any of this stuff lately I let me know.
  7. ISO: Basic Hammerdin Gears

    I have been away from the game for quite awhile. Some of you may remember me. Anyways, I'd like to come back to d2 and start playing again to give me something to do every now and again. I am looking for the cheapest of the cheap or perhaps free if you would like to donate to my cause. ISO: Helm: Shako Armor: Enigma (Mage Plate) Weap: Hoto/Crap Cta Shield: Hoz or Pally Spirit Belt: Goldwrap or Arachnid Rings: 2x Nagel or Soj Gloves: Chance Guard or Magefist Boots: War Travelers or Sandstorm Trek Ammy: Mara Charms: Crap Anni/Torch FT: FG Or if you have any gears you would like to spare or donate I would be greatly appreciative. Also will need grush and perhaps a spot in guber run.\ List Price Please
  8. ~ 8,000 FG Giveaway ~

    Been away from d2 for awhile and today is probably the first time I logged in on this site in months. I'd like to get back into d2 again maybe make a mf sorc or perhaps a hammerdin. Any donation would be much obliged. have a great day.
  9. ISO: Basic Hammerdin Setup

    Still need all this stuff.
  10. ISO: Basic Hammerdin Setup

    Thanks alot i really appreciate it. Just whenever you can no need to be in a hurry. been away from d2 for awhile and have no clue on item prices.
  11. ISO: Basic Hammerdin Setup

    Thanks that would really help me out alot and I really appreciate it. Just gimme a price if you dont mind and some stats.
  12. ISO: Basic Hammerdin Setup

    Anyone have this stuff?
  13. Yeah I recently quit d2 and sold everything I had except for maybe a few odd items Now I want to come back because my RL friends are getting back into and I figure best way to start is a basic hammerdin setup. ISO: Shako Hoto Mara 2x Sojs Hoz or 35Fcr Spirit With Res arach Enigma Treks/War Travs/??? CTA/Spirit Magefist (Think this is what they called. I forgot But +1FireSkills/Fcr/etc..) anni torch That should be it FT: Fg Items: (All Legit) P Dusk Coh 60/20 260+ Def rends (Can't Remember Exact Def) Def Double Up'd Bfists Also not begging but if you would like to donate anything I would greatly appreciate it.
  14. ISO: Xbox Live Microsoft Points

    Also Need WOW 60 Day Prepaid Cards. Will pay $$ for discounted prices (Cheaper Than MSRP). Ex. MSRP: 1600 Points - $19.99 Amazon.com; I pay 10-15$ MSRP: 60 Day WOW - $28.99 Amazon.com; I pay 15-20$ Those are just examples. Will buy with $ if cheaper than anywhere else.
  15. ISO: Xbox Live Microsoft Points

    ISO: Xbox Live Points FT: Jsp Fg PA FG (Will Get More) Leave Price. Also Just want the code e-mailed to me. Steps for trade. Send Fg To Mod. Send Code. I Test. Confirm To Mod. They Send Fg.