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  1. ISO: any bp nigma

    dont need it anymore...already trade... now i have a passive zon skill gc with fhr FT
  2. ISO: any bp nigma

    I need any bp nigma... and i will give a hoto 31% and a spirit crystal sword 33% 4 it
  3. ISO: a HOZ

    i need a hoz and i have: spirit monarch (28% fcr) um rune light GC plain for trade....
  4. FT> Necro torch!!!

    not more available... ive traded this right now
  5. FT> Necro torch!!!

    necro torch 19 atributes 10 all resist i also have a plain passive zon skill gc to trade
  6. 500+ Items for FREE or for FG

    FREE MULE NAME: Wbeltboot-I ITEM NAME: Arachnid