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  1. Siege

  2. Hello everyone...I am back from the dead

    So, when there's a blizzard outside you return. Clearly we're high on your priority list
  3. Holy Crap

    Nope. Same shit different day. Change name back to skittles plz. Vouch.
  4. Hey Fuckers,

    What the fuck else am I going to do... I'm too hung over to go out and I'm on Spring Break...
  5. I need 2x .EDU e-mail addresses

    PM'd it to you.
  6. I need 2x .EDU e-mail addresses

    I can forward messages to/from my school email but I would rather not give you full access to it?
  7. A Death by Viagra

    lol. but otherwise this is why there are messages 4 hours with bonar you talk to doktor Ok, if you had a bonar for four hours you couldn't get rid of, you're telling me you'd go ask your Dr to help you... Personally, I'd find a woman to help me cure it...
  8. Going to wisconsin (milawkee[sp?])

    Brandon, did you end up transferring to LAX?
  9. Going to wisconsin (milawkee[sp?])

    Ya, fuck you. You live in Wyoming. You're biggest city is bearly big enough for a Walmart. And
  10. Finally, we have backups

    Did you take off domain forwarding on dtrades, postabout.org, ect... ????