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  1. Site Status 9/20/16

    Ok I lied, apparently the server finished the movies, but has now started processing tv episodes. I am guessing this will take at least a week, but it doesn't seem to be hitting the server as hard so we may not even notice the hit.
  2. Site Status 9/20/16

    Actually it looks like it finished already this morning, only took 5 days. So everything should be back to normal. I am working on a 60-80 page genetics research paper, so nothing is going to happen until that's done...but if I get it done before the weekend I think I will take the break to get this part of the site finished this weekend.
  3. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    Yeah I am done with trying to integrate comms for now, so I have moved them to v4.3 for a future look. They are half-baked mods and it's going to take a lot of time to get them to work properly. Since I already have several large projects, in the back burner they go. I am going to work on finish clean up of the site this weekend. After some talk in the background about layout options, it would seem we don't have a solid direction for that yet. So in the meantime I am getting the rest done so I can move on to v4.2.
  4. This has been a source of confusion for me for quite a while since nobody really ever told me. It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but since I am fixing everything else I may as well get this mystery solved. Is the site's name capitalized as dTrades, DTrades, Dtrades, or dtrades? Yes, capitalization matters. I have always referred to it as dTrades since it looks "better", but I would like everyone's opinion.
  5. Help me correct the site name!

    AHA, that's why the confusion! At least the mystery is solved lol. I would freaking love new logos lol...466x111 is the current size, but can be up to 600x111. I actually like the current logo, maybe an updated version? I think we are going to stick with dTrades as the "official" name from here on out though, but I guess it couldn't hurt to see variations using "DTrades" as well.
  6. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    I am unfortunately stuck on these comm server integrations. The code to make it all work is beta at best, and the developers are not actively working on it right now. I am starting to wonder if it's even worth continuing work on these. I spend hours on one feature just to have another break. As cool as it would be to see who is on the comm servers here on the site, it's beginning to be more work than it's worth. If I can't make things progress soon I think I will put those on the back burner and move on to v4.2.
  7. Drop shadows in sig

    If you want to have drop shadows in parts of your signature like I did, I have set it up so you can, just put this code around the rest of your sig: Change the items in parantheses to match the look you want. In fact, if you know how to use HTML, you can extrapolate from there and use the other filters available: click here for more info (scroll down on that page for examples) You're welcome.
  8. Help me correct the site name!

    I doubt I am going to get a lot more feedback on this, so suffice it to say the amount of work to change things would be a bit of a waste, and while there is no clear consensus, "dTrades" is currently in the lead and therefore the "winner." Welcome to dTrades. I will have to see about getting new logos made.
  9. WTF MATE?

    Ah man I miss the old days, you guys were always awesome to be around. Now it's just echoes of the past.
  10. I am forseeing this as a place for people to battle it out and talk trash for matches, so accordingly I have renamed it The Battle Zone and am pointing a new domain at it: www.thebattle.zone. You're welcome, douche.
  11. Lol to be honest I was kinda wondering if it really was a stupid fucking idea, but I couldn't pass up the domain. Maybe I should leave it named The BG but keep the URL.
  12. To make it easier for people to get here, I have the domain ofwarcraft.world pointing here.
  13. To make it easier for people, I have the domain diablo.world pointing here.
  14. I like having direct links to things, so I bought pathsofexile.com and pointed it directly to this forum section of the site.
  15. Help me correct the site name!

    And technically, the logo shows up as DtRADES anyway lol...so that's not much help. Edit: oh you meant the url lettering...pfft whatever, you win.
  16. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    I am still trying to get TS3 and Mumble integration working, but am having weird problems with both. Work continues...
  17. Help me correct the site name!

    Well I need to have consistency for marketing, logos, etc. Like I said in the beginning, it's not a huge deal. It's just one of life's little mysteries.
  18. Yay!

    I am still trying to figure that out myself lol. I am continuing work on the site until I get things more or less the way they were back in the day, and then who knows I will put out another email and maybe some ad space or something. I guess first I need to decide what I am doing with this thing. It started out as nostalgia, now I am not sure yet.
  19. Help me correct the site name!

    I like the way dTrades looks, but DTrades makes more sense. And we have a tie for the few people that are looking at the site right now. *sigh* I guess I will just keep going the way I have been.
  20. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    I think I was rushing myself too fast in the excitement of seeing things coming together this week. I am pushing off the Grand Re-opening until v4.2 is completed...the stuff in that version is going to be difficult to get going, and I don't want to be distracted from it. Having said that, the intent still is to have v4.1 done this weekend, which is all of the mods and layout issues that needed to be addressed. Once this is done the site is functionally complete, it's just adding features from then on.
  21. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    Chatbox is fixed, looks way better now. I removed the old Chat app as it was limited to 5 slots anyway. Plus we are going to have a built-in TeamSpeak 3 client shortly, so between that and the chatbox I think we have chat needs covered.
  22. Worklist for dTrades v4.1

    I have been working on rearranging a few things, and madd-hatter sent me a link to how the site looked previous to it being shut down, so there are some good ideas we will be implementing there this weekend. I am working on TeamSpeak 3 server integration, which is going to be pretty slick. I have a 32 slot server here, may as well use it. I am also working on the cleaning up of the email database and getting some landing pages created for the links up top to the game and comm servers. Basically I would like to wrap up v4.1 this weekend if at all possible. I think I am going to move Book-A-Server down to v4.2 because it is going to take a long time to finish, the same as the other line items for that version. I am not entirely sure if that means I am going to pop the cork on a grand opening email this next week, or if I am just going to wait for Halloween as planned.
  23. Welcome to DTrades! Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  24. Hello cheetos, Welcome to DTrades! Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. cheetos joined the site on 08/30/16. View Member