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  1. Title Change Item

    in case you didnt know, there is an item in the fg store that allows you to add a Member Title to your account for 100fg. this is a one time use item. I will delete obscene or suggestive Titles (Trade Mod, etc) and then warn you. you will not be reimbursed, so use some common sense people.
  2. Forum Gold Increased

    no half a fg...and your fg is worth about 4x 32020...someone posted earlier today for 32020 per 50fg. you should go trade it ppl want it badly/
  3. Forum Gold Increased

    bump, post updated with new info.
  4. Gold Xfer Fixed

    over the weekend I was updating some code, and I managed to put in the gold link under the avatar to go to d2trading instead of here. oops. I coded d2trading so sometimes when I am coding I put that domain in instead out of habit. its fixed now.
  5. I think everyone here by now knows how much I despise spam. I DO NOT want to see members of this site spamming to advertise this site on any other site. I would hope that everyone that uses this site would have the integrity not to stoop to that level. for those of you that do not agree, you are going to love this: any member of this site found to be spamming "in the name of dtrades" on jsp or anywhere else will be BANNED. period. *clarification* this means don't advertise dtrades on any other site. the forum wars are over, one way or the other. we do not need to stir up all the crap that has finally settled. we are getting plenty of new members, so the advertising excuse will not fly with me. whether or not you agree with this is moot. as I am fond of saying, if you do not like it, head on over to burger king, where you can have it your way. feel free to flame me on the battle forum, I am kinda cold anyway.
  6. Click here to open the thread...
  7. having more than 1 account here is a BANNABLE offense. I have noticed that quite a few of you decided to take advantage of the last few days and make yourselves 2, 3, 4, and sometimes _5_ new accounts. I am giving everyone a 24 hour amnesty to pm me what accounts that I can delete. tomorrow, I am installing a mod that will tell me who is breaking this rule. after that, all duplicate accounts will be BANNED. period. there will be no second chances after that. let's follow the rules people.

    1. all warns are reprieved...if you are stoopid you will just get them back soon enough anyway. 2. forum gold is OFF until further notice. stop asking.

    fg is back on in useast the rest tomorrow
  10. I have completed all of the account updates that were pm'ed to me. if your account is still not right, or you are missing something, or you need me to re-align the planets for you, pm me.
  11. while working on a new project (basically an upgrade to this site), I inadvertently overwrote the database and the backup database for this site. I have no idea how I did it, as I made a backup before I started, and somehow the backup got fried as well. nfc, I am frustrated as hell about it too. but I can tell you that since the backup was overwritten, I had to use what was at hand. september 19th. sigh. this means that everything between then and now is gone. for those of you still learning English, that means gone, as in not coming back, as in they are no longer there, as in FREAKIN GONE. bitching at me will gain you no sympathy from me, as I lost everything too. not to mention my thanksgiving is now ruined. I will happily give people their fg and post counts back. simply pm me about what they were and I will handle it. for those of you that are going to use this opportunity to get free fg: SCREW YOU, you suck...and since I know some of you are going to do it anyway, if I find the backup I do have from last week, and what you tell me does not jibe, I will ban you, period. I hate people that take advantage of others misfortune, especially when the misfortune is MINE. anyway, let's move on.
  12. Forum Emails Work Now

    I am sure many of you have notice by now that e-mails have not been sent for reminders, validations, PM notices, whatever. fixed. have a nice day.
  13. Site Was Down

    looks like the site went down shortly after I left work last night. database was corrupted, and I fixed it this morning. once I get my internet access back at home this type of stuff will no longer happen.