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  1. I Need Your Opinion

    yes, changing the name is easy, and would not interfere with anyones posts, fg, or warns (though I bet some of you wish the warns did go away)
  2. I Need Your Opinion

    I did not orignally make dtrades, all I did was enhance it and make it fast. which in turn made it what it is now. I do not want anyone to agree with me simply to make me stay...I am doing something one way or the other, so let what you need/want decide, not what you think I need/want.
  3. Yes, it is true...I am quitting D2

    that menas not having to spend hundreds of hours to build your character killing rabbits and rats like other mmorpgs
  4. Yes, it is true...I am quitting D2

    everyone has a right to their opinion, unless it has something to do with me...then you have to shhhh. otherwise guildwars.com = warsguild.com flipped around...I thought it was catchy. besides all the other combos I came up with all sounded equally dumb or were taken.
  5. Yes, it is true...I am quitting D2

    choice made, I would appreciate you guys not spamming about other games thanks.
  6. Yes, it is true...I am quitting D2

    not sure why people keep asking about is this staying is that staying etc...READ. as for why not wow, I do not feel like paying extra money to play a game that to me looked boring. the 6 minutes I did get to play was boooooring. the thing that turns me on about Guild Wars is their promise of not having to treadmill characters. I do not have a lot of time to play as it is, so this is very appealing to me.
  7. Yes, it is true...I am quitting D2

    no need to be sad...change is inevitable, and usually a good thing. one of the thing I am hoping to do is get everyone a discount on Guild Wars, and get the site an exclusive in-game item. for everyone that wants to play anyway. I have already asked the Guild Wars people about this, and I think with the member base we have, and the indication that a lot of people here were wanting to play, bodes well for a positive reply on that. the diablo forums will still be here, and I intend a major influx of staff to take care of the various portions of the site. things are not getting worse, they are getting way better.
  8. New Upload Feature!

    how do i change this use the latest version of internet explorer.
  9. Corrupted database...

    I decided to take a break, and of course the database got corrupted right after I left last night. fixed.
  10. Corrupted database...

    even if it was one and it happened on HIS site he would have banned that person too. who cares.
  11. ** CONTEST **

    we have reached 2000 members. michaelm1121 would have won with a guess of 4pm, but since you did not specify a time zone your entry is discarded as the rules state. that makes my predicted winner of Inferno1 a reality. congrats...enjoy the fg.
  12. ** CONTEST **

    right now my guess is Inferno1 will win with his Jan 29th 12:00 guess. this is the closest to what I think will be the winner. that doesnt mean he has won, thats just my guess as to who will win.
  13. ** CONTEST **

    21 to go...if the signup pattern the last month holds up it will be sometime tomorrow morning.
  14. ** CONTEST **

    *****BOOKMARK***** guesses after this post do not count. I am re-opening thread as we are very close...comment if you like. prolly going to be saturday morning by the looks of it. I am excited!
  15. You Can Now Upload Your Pics

    I have turned on the ability to upload personal photos. You can find this by clicking on My Controls top left, then clicking personal photo link on left menu. you can see lil ole me at: http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showuser=296 CLEAN PICS ONLY...I will suspend anyone that tries otherwise. I put this in for fun, and there are some of you that have a warped idea of 'fun'. don't test me on this. pics can be up to 100k, and must be 200x200 or LESS in size.
  16. ** CONTEST **

    ok entries are closed...good luck to all!
  17. ** CONTEST **

  18. All of the Site Problems

    all the problem you have been seeing with the site the last few days are due to a few little kids who think because they downloaded a script they are godly hackers. there isnt much I can do about it without pulling out the hardcore stuff. just be patient, sooner or later they will get bored and move on.
  19. All of the Site Problems

    yeah lets just think the worst. thats the smart play.
  20. All of the Site Problems

    well one would assume that would fall under "allof the site problems you have been seeing with the site the last few days"
  21. Ha I thought I was going to Cancun...imagine my surprise when I found myself in Cozumel instead! I am on the cruise ship paying a lovely 75 cents a minute to post this, but I just had to check in and say hey to everyone. I got some great pics, but none with me in a Speedo, sorry Cunny and Vash... I am going to to take a look around, make sure everything is running smooth, then heading to Chankanaab State Park for some snorkeling and Mayan ruins. See you all Saturday!
  22. I am gone for the week.

    I, Speedocain, am hereby GONE on a cruise to sunny Cancun Mexico. civic31g, cunny, and the rest of my very capable staff will assist you while I am gone. 12 hours until I have an expensive drink with a paper umbrella in my hand. joy.
  23. http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showtopic=18077
  24. Forum Gold Increased

    finally got around to fixing all the forum gold earning. in order to get some more attention there, I have made it so that posts in the diablo discussion forums are now earning .5 fg. this includes all the character discussion and pk forums. NO SPAM...just trying to encourage more posting there. all other forums are earning .1 fg per post, except for the battle forum, which is 0.