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  1. Progress Being Made

    fyi, I started the c2oc project 8 years ago. it was only the last month that I decided to actually finish it. your donations and the growing popularity of the sites is what made me decide to do it for real. you guys will never know how much work this is...you may not see a lot of changes, but believe me there are tons going on behind the scenes.

    because Spamhaus is ignoring all attempts to delist me from their blacklist, my ISP was cool enough to give me 32 new IP addresses for free. so there will be periods of downtime as I move things around and put in some new servers. this will all be for the better, as I am going to put in redundant web and database servers, as well as a new game server, and a dedicated e-mail server. all of which are in preparation for the huge c2oc project I am working on. also, I finally got approval as an itunes reseller, so watch for my new music store coming soon. these are the sites I am working on currently: sologaming.net teamgaming.net warsguild.com c2oc.com/cainscorner.com tenjuna.com dtrades.org after that will be a free personal web site and e-mail address for everyone, along with music, the arcade, live chat, game reviews, movie reviews, and just a whole lot more. anyone that is interested in working for me, please start writing reviews of your favorite game, hardware, whatever.

    so does that mean we will have the pm's turned into email messages, and does that also mean we will have a larger account.. that would be muy cool. Seems like youve take on a load of stuff you want to do, and i am very very impressed, this is the kind of determination that makes a site succed. Also what happened to those coolio buttons on top? I never said anything about turning pms into emails...not sure where that came from. I already raised pm accounts to 250 (from 100)...I don't really see the need for more than that. I removed the buttons because a lot of the work is going to take a while...I will put them back up when they are actually "coming soon". as it is I have at least a month left of work to do.

    well considering I used to run a 45 server counterstrike network, and I am on the credits for aztec, inferno, and a ton of other maps...what do you think the odds are that I will be doing that? pretty high I would say.

    yup...thats been in the planning stages for months...I literally just finished putting together the new e-mail server.

    yup, just waiting for you to get it done so I can write some code to handle the automated xml generator.
  7. I finally figured out how to tie multiple sites into using one member database. it turned out to be insanely simple, and I am embarrassed that I couldn't figure it out a long time ago. anyway, I am adding a guild wars, world of warcraft, and steam/counterstrike set of forums. while I am no longer an admin of dtrades, you can consider me being like the guy behind the curtain. I am going to make some very cool things happen around here.

    for those of you that have invalid e-mail addresses, I am going to start locking your ability to post here. you must have a valid e-mail address in order to be a member. pm me with your new address if you are locked out. I am getting 300+ invalid e-mail messages a day, and I am sick of it.

    as it turns out, the morons at spamhaus.org have blocked me from e-mailing to most servers as I am apparently a SPAM threat that needs to be eliminated. give me a break. I fucking hate spamhaus. if you are blocked pm me and I will correct it.

    uh why not just tell me the one that works...duh.

    So you are going to add adverts now? suicide.

    suuuuuuure. I will remember that when you start complaining when I add 50 ads at the top, and you have to scroll for an hour to get to the posts.

    hey look, yet another person that has no clue what they are talking about. eveyrone laugh at him. the only ad I have is to keep this site up...I do not make that much from it either. if you think I am selling out, then you need to rethink that. last I heard, paying out $100 a month out of your pocket so other people have a site to trade at did not = selling out. but then again, you would need a few brain cells to rub together to make that connection.

    so you can learn about knitting...wtf do you think its for?
  15. 18 hours of downtime

    and let that be a lesson to you! joking...power supply in the database server died, and it took me a while to find a replacement. there may be a couple of missing posts since there were people on the site when it died. in that case just re-create your thread.
  16. 18 hours of downtime

    read much?
  17. in an attempt to quell the rumor mills, I wanted to make this announcement. yes, after 18 months of playing, I am really quitting d2. why? lots of reasons, all of which have nothing to do with anyone here specifically. I have accomplished way more in this game than I ever thought I would, and I find it fitting for me to step down while I am at the top of my game (no pun intended). I want to assure everyone that the site is NOT dying, and the diablo forums are NOT being deleted. while I had considered this, I decided that I could not possibly abandon everything I have worked for here. by the way, yes I am selling everything I own, which is a substantial amount. you can find the thread on this in the dbay forum. it will take me 2 months to sell everything as there is a LOT there. whatever I do not sell will be given away free to the loyal membership of dtrades (you guys).
  18. I Need Your Opinion

    look guys, I asked for your opinion on what to do, NOT your opinion on the results. mastercavis and Comm the 2 of you are pissing me off real bad...I suggest you stfu before I hand out bans. this is part of the reason I am quitting anyway, is people like you.
  19. Yes, it is true...I am quitting D2

    and as I head out the door, you get a ban. I always take care of loose ends before I leave for good. thats what you get for flaming dumb fuck.
  20. ** CONTEST **

    just for fun, I am giving 100fg to the person that guesses the closest time and date we reach 2000 members. now remember, I approve every account, so if you think be registering a bunch of accounts will help you...not only does it NOT, but you could get banned for wasting my time. so please do us both a favor and DO NOT DO THAT. 100fg = 4x 32020s on non ladder. ONE ENTRY PER MEMBER! if you decide to guess more than once YOUR FIRST ANSWER IS THE OFFICIAL ENTRY. so guess wisely. as of right now, we have 1842 members. I am closing entries Sunday night, so get your guesses in! 1. NO ENTRY FEE 2. TIME POSTED SHOULD INCLUDE TIME ZONE - posts that do not include time zone will be discarded 3. OFFICIAL SERVER TIME ZONE IS CENTRAL (-6 UDT) 4. POST YOUR GUESSES HERE - DO NOT PM ME
  21. I Need Your Opinion

    somehow I knew this was going to start happening. no, the site is not going anywhere and we do not need anyone to take it over. already had 50 people ask me that.
  22. I Need Your Opinion

    at the very least I am not making any further decisions until Feb 20th...that will be the first chance I have to actually play Guild Wars, so then I cna make some more informed decisions. as Futon said, it could be that a trading forum would be pointless...we shall see.
  23. I Need Your Opinion

    poll added
  24. I Need Your Opinion

    no, its actually very simple. I make 3 changes in a config file and all the sudden we are www.tenjuna.com