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    not real sure where the button went...I am fixing it right now.

    I think if someone were to take the initiative and just grab the item donations suggested on this thread, that would be good enough...we are overworked as it is. I currently need $142.50 to complete the database server, if anyone cares. this is what I ended up finding: dual 1.4 gig pentium 3 fc-pga2 2 gig ram raid 5 ultra waide scsi totaling 36gigs got it for $500, which is a freakin bargain.

    sell them on dbay, or give them to someone who will donate $ for you...there are posts above with people offering to do just that.

    I appreciate whatever you guys can do. I was able to get $150 last night (thanks enzo!), and I have another commitment for $150. so we are getting there...if I can scrounge together another $200 somehow we would be good to go.
  5. C2oC is ONLINE

    yay...4 weeks of spare time down the drain, but the c2oc network is DONE! here is what we have now...I will give details about these when I am ready SO DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT THESE: gaming server - rotating counterstrike, ut, quake, and battlefield servers. irc server vent server dedicated e-mail server dedicated web server dedicated database server live chat server instant messaging server free member forums server free member web site server music jukebox server about the only thing we are missing right now is more bandwidth so I can provide a download section. now that the network is done, I can start working on content and finish programming all the interfaces for the above list. I have about 17 web sites to build, and about a thousand web pages to write. WOOT!
  6. C2oC is ONLINE

    the sig rules are for keeping thread sizes down, and has nothing to do with server speed or bandwidth. if I had a choice between text and massive amounts of graphics I will take the text. the point of a message board is to read posts, not look at the same sig 50 times.

    that would be because you never told me you donated...I can't read minds (yet). star added.

    heh you wont find any of this at best buy, except maybe the memory.

    or you could sell and donate the $...I am kinda loaded down trying to get this all running right now.
  10. C2oC is ONLINE

    yes I know things are slow great thanks for beating it into my head guys. like I havent been agonizing over it all day as it is. lol
  11. I Need Your Opinion

    I have been trying to make a final decision on the new name/design for the site. it wasn't until just now that it occurred to me that this site would be nothing without all you guys...so I think this should be a site decision, and not a me decision. no matter what is decided, dtrades.org will always be live, and will point to whatever the site ends up being automagically. the choices I have narrowed down to are: 1. leave it as dtrades.org, and add a guild wars category. 2. use the new domain warsguild.com, and add a d2 category. 3. use the new domain thegamepost.com or gamingpost.com or something like that and support all kinds of different games. 4. use tenjuna.com and integrate the site and forums into a gaming/music type of flavor. changing the name is easy, and will not interfere with anyones posts, fg, or warns (though I bet some of you wish the warns did go away) personally, I am leaning towards number 4. everyone knows the name, the site is established, and it needs a revamp anyway. number 3 would take a ton of work, and I don't see that happening without a major undertaking by many members of this site. number 2 was what I was going to do until I had time to cool down and think about things. if you all decide number 1, it will be most likely without me at the helm...the name does not convey anything but diablo, and I am moving on to other things. we have 2 months to do something, so lets get something decided. feel free to leave an opinion or another idea!!!
  12. I Need Your Opinion

    this is so outdated...I have already made a decision on this. closed.
  13. C2oC is ONLINE

    Does that mean members can host their own forums using your server free? Just what I need atm that is correct...I have everything I need to do this. I just need the time to put it all together. it's coming.
  14. C2oC is ONLINE

    part of the issue is relatively slow harware, part is the database needs to be tuned, part is the number of users we have going at once. basically I need to get a faster server, learn more about mysql and how to tune it, and that's that.
  15. C2oC is ONLINE

    no I started seeing it too...it looks like after 150 people being on at once slows everything down for some reason. I have turned on some logging and increased some buffer sizes for the database. right now we should be smooth sailing, so to have the db slow down like that is a mystery. it could just be that the hardware I have is too slow no matter what I do...which would suck major, since I cannot afford to get anything better right now.
  16. C2oC is ONLINE

    no idea...I have been averaging .25 seconds all day.
  17. C2oC is ONLINE

    anyone happen to notice HOW MUCH DAMN FASTER this site is? yeah, go tenjy, its meh birthday. woot!
  18. what a nightmare...I spent 6 hours in the server cave last night, as the entire network was fried. all 4 servers had some kind of problem, which is directly caused by the fact that I havent touched the 2 main servers in like 5 years. server 1 I cannot open up any folder or My Computer or it crashes. yummy. server 2 is a ball of pain...note to all of you network administrators: do NOT attempt to upgrade a Windows NT 4.0 server directly to Windows 2000 server...it is so NOT worth the effort involved. it would have taken me less time to simply enter in all of the accounts and e-mail addresses by hand. server 3 is the one dtrades and everything else is running on right now...poor server is getting HAMMERED...this is why the site gets so slow. server 4 I cannot open anything or it locks up. goodie. I desparately need 68-pin ultra wide scsi hard drives...I will be incredibly grateful if anyone has 18 gig or larger drives to donate. Jason Cain Cross 2918 Arlington Avenue Davenport, Iowa 52803 please and thanks. on a lighter note, after having beaten the servers with the largest hammer I could muster, things are at least back on track. with any luck I can complete the moving of e-mail and web sites today so that I can rebuild server number 2 tomorrow. once we are past this rough spot things should get MUCH simpler as far as getting c2oc done.
  19. Site Status For Thursday 03/24

    just to be clear I only need drives that are 68 pin ultra wide scsi NOT differential. I do not need IDE drives at all.
  20. Site Status For Monday 03/21

    I have just finished upgrading our database packages, which supposedly will increase performance by 40%. once I upgrade the twin server to the one this site is on now, this will increase total performance around 200%. I was going to cluster the web and database services, but I found that it would be better to simply dedicate one server to web, and one sever to databases...then move all other services to the 2 new servers I put up this week. with any luck, I will have irc, vent, live chat, email, and all non-critical web sites moved over and active by this weekend. after that I can re-build the twin server and then move the critical web sites over to it this weekend. after that is about a month's work of coding bringing up all of the c2oc project sites. last count was 17 sites total. there, now you know what I know. I intend to hire mods this week or next...I will be posting once I figure that part out.
  21. The search for helpful membrs begins

    its my post 8 above this one.
  22. The search for helpful membrs begins

    I want to be clear on a few things: 1. these positions are going to be c2oc project wide, not just dtrades. this is going to involve a LOT of work, with little or no thanks from anyone beyond me. 2. if you are just trying to get a position for the "glory" of it, I have news for you: there is little to no glory involved. trust me. see #3 for the consequences of this. 3. anyone that gets a position and then subsequently does not do what they are supposed to will be kicked off the project for good...I do not have time or patience for suck-ass mods...so if you waste my time, you will be off the project. PERIOD. I am serious on this so think long and hard about how much you really want to be a part of this. 4. for those of you that did not understand the implications of #3: if you dont do your job you will be banned...and yes, I am serious. I am sick of going thru this merry-go-round of finding ppl that "I want to help so badly make me a mod plzzzzzz" and then turn around and fall off the planet a week later or just use their position to try and scam. enough. 5. if you pm me or futon about this, you will automatically not be considered...if you cannot follow simple instructions I definitely do not have time for you. 6. if you think kissing my ass is going to win points, think again. I do not know why ppl think this would work. it does not. 7. if you think just because I traded with you 8 months ago that means you are trustworthy, think again. this does not make you trustworthy...a pattern of good dealings yes, but do not try the "remember me I let you xfer" thing. it is not going to work. 8. anyone with experience running a site, iis server, mysql, invision power board, irc server, vent server, graphics, flash, or anything useful to the project will most definitely have preference for global c2oc positions. think long and hard about whether you want to be a part of this. we want GOOD people to be involved...this is going to be pretty huge if we get it right. not to mention possible salaries down the line if the income portion of this succeeds.
  23. Site Status For Monday 03/21

    I am pretty sure the vent server is covered...however I am going to need a couple of ppl to do IRC ops, as I do not have the time to do it. I have one person in mind...past that I will have to find some volunteers.
  24. Progress Being Made

    I just got done putting up the new IRC, Gaming, Active Directory, E-mail, and Chat servers. I now start the long tedious process of getting all of the various sites and services moved around. I am sure a lot of you have noticed the site going down from time to time...this is all part of the c2oc project, and once I get this next phase completed, the processing power of this site and the other heavily visited sites will go up exponentially. this means the site will become faster. this also means a TON of new features...live chat, personal e-mail, personal web site, personal irc channel, teamspeak server, vent server, countnerstrike server, and just a whole slew of stuff I havent even thought of yet. also, we hear the complaints about the lack of mods and such...everyone is just going to have to be patient. I am only one guy, and Futon is busy with real life...so everyone just has to wait until we can get caught up on everything. it's coming, just be patient. cain
  25. Guild Wars Beta Weekend

    Guild Wars beta Weekend Starts at 12:01 AM Pacific Time.