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  1. Free E-mail is UP!

    yeah the whole skin is getting changed...the only reason I have it up at all is so you guys can test it for me. in other words, dont be nitpicky just use it and let me know about problems, not suggestions.
  2. Free E-mail is UP!

    e-mail fixed
  3. Free E-mail is UP!

    I am getting closer to getting the server fixed...hopefully within the next 30 minutes. I am now working on the new e-mail server, and with any luck I will have that fired up by this weekend.
  4. Free E-mail is UP!

    like it says e-mail is down for a while...there was a major problem with the server, and it's taking all day for it to fix itself. patience.
  5. Help Me CHOOSE!

    ccoc.com was taken when I started this back in 1997. c2oc.com sounds cooler to me anyway.
  6. Help Me CHOOSE!

    you have to remember this is nothing more than a portal site for ppl to navigate the entire c2oc project. it's SUPPOSED to be simple. if I made it flashy then all it would do is confuse people.
  7. Help Me CHOOSE!

    guys try to remember this is for the c2oc site, not dtrades. I am personally leaning to the 4th one, but with no caps, and a few minor color tweaks to the eye (hazel to match mine).
  8. Free E-mail is UP!

    there will be a fat link right where the info one is now.
  9. Free E-mail is UP!

    ROFL ok I know why its slow...there are 11,000 e-mails to be processed, so every single time you click on a link it has to process all of that. apparently I forgot to turn on the sweeper that cleans out all the junk, so that's why nothing works. I am halting e-mail temporarily so the server can have time to catch up. oops.
  10. Free E-mail is UP!

    as I said guys, I only opened it to work out the bugs...you cannot bitch. report a problem yes, but no bitching allowed. pm me a report with full details so I can track it better...include your password so I can login as you.
  11. Free E-mail is UP!

    all fixed, click away

    this is my statement regarding all of the grief being thrown my way lately about banning idiots "for no reason": I. DO. NOT. CARE. WHAT. YOU. THINK. I put this site together for people to ENJOY it...for those of you that think I am going to tolerate you giving me grief (outside the Battle Forum of course) think again. I work too hard and do too much around here for any of you to disrespect the rules and my staff. I am all about having fun and goofing off, but when I say "STOP" that means DO NOT try to get one more jab at me. you WILL find yourself banned. in the Battle Forum feel free to knock yourself out. I rarely read posts there anyway so you are wasting your time. anywhere else though is VERBOTTEN. I would rather ban 2000 people and have the remaining 1000 be ultra cool members of a very clean site, then have 3000 people walk all over me. if you do not like the way I do things, LEAVE. I do not make money from this site, so why would I want you to stay if you are not happy? I am not going to conform just because you feel like being an ass. follow the rules, listen to my staff, OR GET OUT. questions? ask your parents.
  13. Site Status For Friday 04/08

    things are moving along very well now....here is a recap: - added 2 new servers to take over Active Directory, Gaming, IRC, E-mail, and DNS servers (the server handling e-mail is about to be replaced already) - rebuilt old gaming server to be the new database server (which is about to rebuilt yet again to be the new e-mail server) - purchased and installed yet another new database server, which doubles the power of the one I just rebuilt 2 weeks ago - upgraded the web server to Windows 2000 and added RAID 5 - upgraded the network to Cisco Catalyst switches, and bumped speed from 128k SDSL to 384k SDSL, then again to 768k SDSL here is what is left to do: - build and install e-mail server v3.0 (can't do this until hard drives arrive next week) - release free e-mail feature (will do after e-mail server is up) - release free vent, irc, chat features (will do once c2oc web site is rebuilt) - build teamgaming.net and sologaming.net - rebuild tenjuna.com along with music store and radio shows - build warsguild.com (maybe, I am losing interest in Guild Wars) - find the excuse to upgrade to 1.5 meg SDSL - have a beer
  14. Site Status For Friday 04/08

    welcome to the new database server dual 1266 mhz pentium 3 fc-pga2 2 gig pc133 registered sdram 5x 9 gig scsi in RAID 5 (hardware) for 36 gigs total space dual power supplies yeah, we aren't outgrowing this baby anytime soon.
  15. Site Status For Friday 04/08

    I am $291 away from being 100% finished. past that is licensing issues and such but that's my problem. the ping time has been holding steady for me at around 35-60 from 3 separate parts of the country, so it's as fast as its going to get. the counterstrike server was averaging just above that so I am hoping the gameplay will be nice and smooth.
  16. Site Status For Friday 04/08

    if anyone hasn't noticed, check out the very bottom of the page. thats my test link while I get the e-mail thingy linked up to the site. don't bother trying it yourself, it doesnt work yet. however, the goal is that once you log into the site, you can click a link just like the # New Messages one up top, and you will be able to receive and send e-mail directly from the site. and before anyone asks, no you will not be able to use Outlook/Outlook Express/Eudora or any e-mail client to do it...it's all site-integrated for a reason. that reason being I do not want to support 3000 people that do not know how to use an e-mail client properly.
  17. Site Status For Friday 04/08

    one could assume that once I know something about pepsi, you will too.
  18. Site Status For Friday 04/08

    well I started working on this the end of February...basically once I quit selling my d2 stuff. I have been plugging away at it when I have time/money/patience to do so. the last 3 weeks have seen the largest changes in my network since 1997, so that's gotta mean something. I am waiting for 5 hard drives to show up next week, then I can finish the rest of the server upgrades. so basically by the end of next weekend we should see some nice new features introduced, and a few weeks after that I should have some new sites put up. my personal goal is to have a Re-Grand Opening on Memorial Day Weekend. I am hoping to finalize the hook-up with Pepsi to do a major bash of some kind. or, nothing at all will happen. who knows. I live in the today...tomorrow is a myth.

    ok guys, I have gotten this as far as I can without spending any extra money, but now it's time for me to put out the hat. if you guys want all the stuff I am trying to put together here, and you can afford to pitch in, this is what I need, and what I need it for: I currently need $142.50 to complete the database server, if anyone cares. this is what I ended up finding: dual 1.4 gig pentium 3 fc-pga2 2 gig ram raid 5 ultra waide scsi totaling 36gigs got it for $500, which is a freakin bargain. this will increase database processing by 200%. Edit: Futon - Star information is here http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showtopic=29099 for those of you who are interested in gaining a star from your donations please PM cain providing proof that you donated. Thanks a lot guys.

    I am gettin er done man...geebus. this thread is old anyway, hceck the current status HERE.

    it costs almost $250 per month making this site run, with the cost of the DSL line ($150), the cost of electricity ($50), and the cost of the phone line ($50) so I can have the DSL running. the one small ad you see gets me $50 per month, and I most likely get around $75-$100 per month in the very generous donations I receive. so at the very least I am still dropping $100 a month out of my own pocket. using your mentality, I guess that means I should stop donating to this site every month too? if that's your attitude then enjoy bnet and jsp, don't bother coming around. by the way, you are wrong...I already have the e-mail thingy set up. just click the "Check Your E-mail" link up top to see it.
  22. Free E-mail Addresses

    I just added the coolest feature yet: the ability for you to create your very own free e-mail address using any of the c2oc project domain names. this includes: c2oc.com cainscorner.com dtrades.org teamgaming.net sologaming.net warsguild.com getchafreakon.com pinkeys.com tenjuna.com and a bunch of others I haven't bothered to add yet. I just got it working, and I still need to install a template for the pages, and work out some kinks in the code. I am also trying to get it to integrate directly into your PM system, as I would like to use this new system as a replacement for that. DO NOT ASK ME FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THIS! I am working hard to get it ready for usage, and be assured when I get it finished, I will make a big deal out of it...I am very excited about this. the basic account will have a relatively small amount of storage (more or less the same size as your current PM box), and I will be offering 3 levels of premium upgrades for a one-time fee of $5, $10, or $15 (payable via paypal, which will automatically upgrade your account). this money will be used to upgrade the storage capacity of the mail server, and will not be considered a donation. for those of you that will likely say "I can get a hotmail or gmail account for free with more space" I say this: true, but you don't get your choice of sexy domain names, and using those does not help this site/project in any way. and if you don't care about that, then nothing I say will convince you that it's worth upgrading. for those of you that have already donated, as an added bonus you are getting upgrades for free: donations of $50+ will receive the tier 3 level of service. donations of $25+ will receive tier 2 level of service. donations of any amount will get a tier 1 level upgrade for free (unless of course you feel like contributing more ). note that this is only for the people that have already donated as my way of saying thanks...this is not automatic, so basically once you create an account, tell me that you donated and you want an upgrade. moving forward, always!
  23. Free E-mail Addresses

    I am closing this, see the "I just got ripped off" thread.

    yeah easily worth what I paid for it. it has a tyan 2688 Thunder Hesl-t mobo, with an Adaptec 2000s 0 Channel RAID card in it...the 2000s by itself goes for $350 on ebay. I am dropping 5x 9 gig 10k RPM Seagate Cheetah SCSI drives in it for 36 gigs of space. it came with a gig of Crucial registered PC133, and I am adding another gig to it. this should EASILY handle all of our database needs for the forseeable future. plus I can use the old parts to upgrade 2 of the other servers...with one of those upgrades being substantial (the e-mail/communications server will get a 300% boost in power).

    thanks guys...I am about $90 away now. I went ahead and over-extended my credit card and bought the server...so I am hoping some of you follow through. the server is niiiiice...I can't wait to put it in this weekend.