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  1. I am adding a new skin to Dtrades since pretty much everyone has asked for one. if it ends up being close I may add 2 of these. note that we are keeping the current one as the default...this is just to add skin(s) for you to pick from. First: Second: Third:
  2. New Dtrades Skins to Choose From

    the reason I dont add them all is that it is a LOT of work redoing all of the mods to each skin. and I just don't have it in me to spend an entire day doing it. so I am going to add the first one for sure, most likely in the next 4 days. I may go ahead and add the second one as well. the third one is not happening at all. thanks guys.
  3. based on the feedback I got from the last poll, here are the 3 new finalists for the new C2oC banner. by the way, if you think these suck, then I challenge you to do better. keep in mind that these designs are what I wanted to begin with. First: Second: Third:
  4. New C2oC Banners to Choose From

    I was going to use the third one, but obviously the 1st one is the way I need to go. thanks guys, now I can get started on the hub site.
  5. New Dtrades Skins to Choose From

    wtf? I said I am ADDING one...I even CLARIFIED IT. you guys really piss me off sometimes...I am taking a break from this place for a while. ugh.
  6. New Dtrades Skins to Choose From

    I clearly stated I was not taking any other skin requests...pick from one of these 3 or go about your business.
  7. New Dtrades Skins to Choose From

    guys I wish you would READ MY POST...I clearly said I was ADDING a skin, not to mention I VERY clearly said I was keeping the current one as the default. I looked through the previous posts about this, and the 3 I chose were all common to what people said they wanted. that common theme was dark, dark, and dark. so here we are. there is no way to please veryone, so I am not going to bother to try. with 3200+ people, it's real easy to get in a pissing contest, so I chose the 3 _I_ liked, and now I am letting everyone pick from THOSE...please do not suggest other skins. I personally cannot stand red, so be glad I even put one in these choices.
  8. New C2oC Banners to Choose From

    thanks duped, but ewww
  9. New C2oC Banners to Choose From

    cuz red is the suck
  10. New C2oC Banners to Choose From

    <---- cain c2oc = cain's corner of cyberspace...it's the huge web site project I am working on. you been living under a rock the last 2 months or what?
  11. Free E-mail is UP!

    I decided to go ahead and fire up the free e-mail system, since the integration is all done, I would like for people to start using it so I can fix any bugs that may come up. if you haven't grabbed your address yet, click the "Check Your E-mail" link up top. choose your address wisely, you DO NOT get to change it later! it is going to be relatively slow until the new e-mail server is up so no bitching.
  12. Free E-mail is UP!

    this is all 100% fixed now, and I am adding a few new domains. the only other things I need to do is make a new skin, and add a feature for you to pick a different domain name. the e-mail username will always be linked to your member account, so the only way for you to change that is to change your member name...but keep in mind you will lose your current e-mail account, none of it will follow you, so make sure you are caught up on that before changing the name. also, if you change your password you will not be able to get into e-mail...you will have to ask for me to reset it.
  13. Help Me CHOOSE!

    here are the images...it is going to be one of these, and I already know which one I like. keep in mind that the c2oc site design is going to be based off the one chosen. First Second Third Fourth
  14. Help Me CHOOSE!

    based on everyone's comments I am putting up 3 new choices.
  15. I am an IDIOT

    last night was totally my own stupidity. I was in the middle of updating servers, and my wife calls me to tell me my kids are in a talent show and why am I not there? nothing like waiting until it has already started to tell me about it. anyway I rushed out the door totally forgetting that I had to reboot the database server to finish the updates. and that was the reason you saw the SQL errors for the last 12 hours. my bad...sorry everyone.
  16. I am an IDIOT

    my 5 year old can sing fairly well, and my 9 year old has the funniest dance you have ever seen. he had the crowd rolling.
  17. oi, I never want to have to do that again. the last 2 days I am sure most of you have noticed that things have been really messed up. well, at 11pm site time last night I got everything fixed. the problem was basically a domino of events started by the crashing of the main network server. once that crashed, e-mail, databases, logins, nothing worked. I replaced the motherboard and a hard drive in that server, and she is all happy again. however, it did point out a serious flaw in my design, and I am happy that it happened now and not later when the network was under load. anyway, as a bonus to this, I was also able to get the e-mail moved to it's new home, so that's all done now too. if you find any problems with the new e-mail feature please let me know. next stop: finish moving web sites around, get all the code working again, then continue on with mods and new designs.
  18. Site Status For Thursday 04/14

    actually I will add it now. edit: added. enjoy.
  19. Site Status For Thursday 04/14

    you arent supposed to know their e-mail address...it's up to them to give it to you. I didn't put this in as a replacement to the PM system, it's there as an added bonus.
  20. Help Me CHOOSE!

    pictures fixed
  21. in short, I have no fricking clue what happened last night. in order for me to add the new e-mail server, I had to shut down the gaming server, which is also acting as the network domain controller, so that I could re-arrange power and network cabling. I bring the gaming server back up, and all the sudden the entire network dies. dubya tee eff??? I still have no idea what is wrong, but I am trying to band-aid everything so at least e-mail works again...right now it does not, and it is affecting everything, including this site. ugh.
  22. Site Status For Wednesday 04/13

    just remembered I made an emergency repair disk for all the servers a few days ago...thank goodness. I am trying to revive the server now. if this works, I won't have to redo all of this work again.
  23. Site Status For Wednesday 04/13

    oh emm eff gee I know what happened now. BSOD REGISTRY_ERROR for those of you that do not know what that means, it means the registry on the main domain controller for the network completely failed. what this means is I have to start all over again and rebuild the entire network as I don't have a backup. suicide.
  24. Site Status For Wednesday 04/13

    ok e-mail is fixed so at the very least you can pm each other again.
  25. Free E-mail is UP!

    this is down again. I fix one problem then a bigger one rears its ugly head. then I fix that and the site crashes. AAAAHHHHHHH enough, I need sleep.