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  1. 237/20 raven frost

    whats it worth?
  2. FG for full tals

    10 fg ?
  3. FG for full tals

    you name price
  4. 20$ for all ill take this get pm me get mod
  5. ~ 8,000 FG Giveaway ~

    I just started again today after a 1.5-2 year hiatus, everythings expired...i just need fg for a mf sorc or some basic stuff like vipermagi shako etc main reason i started playing again is so i could get away from all the bad things i've been doing with my life and i've went through a period of events which lead to me not being able to leave my house safely. if you want the whole story i can tell you privately, its kind of a hoot any helps appreciated man
  6. Small Items + Help Request

    I don't know if any of you remember me but I've been out of the game for quite a while and im looking for some help to get back on my feet. Possibly some info to get me back up to speed with the game and a rush or whatever can be done to level up quickly these days. Anywho just PM me any help is appreciated.
  7. To Cain, Jags and All of Dtrades

    who gives a shit
  8. what do you guys do when you cant sleep?

    this works, whenever i get grounded for like a day or 2 i just take a bunch of benedryls and sleep the whole day and night (no boredom for me) take like 6-7, its pretty safe despite being above the suggested dosage
  9. ChucK Lidell vs. Quinton JacKsoN

    crying? not hardly good fights? my ass they had some rookie 21 year old fight some seasoned veteran the matchups were just soooo impressive it was the main event which is the reason most people bought the damn thing i doubt many people thought to themselves "gee theres a ppv tonight maybe ill just watch all the jobber fights and skip the main event"
  10. ChucK Lidell vs. Quinton JacKsoN

    40 bucks for a minute and 10 second fight son of a bitch
  11. Someone visit me in jail

    the funniest part is after they preach all this hate towards america i go to wikipedia and it says theyre centered in kansas... thats like the KKK moving to africa
  12. Do you tip the pizza delivery guy?

    of course, they have to pay for their own gas in most cases so their income relies a lot on tips
  13. Favorite genre to listen to while your

    usually psychadelic rock like hendrix or some rap, wu tang or lupe fiasco among many others
  14. Asian kid gets picked on, fight ensues!

    the guys mexican or something else by the way, not white Ethnicity: Latino / Hispanic edit: where can we find the asian kids myspace
  15. Cingular or T Mobile?

    would chips lol