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  1. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    All the memories...
  2. Tom

  3. Ladder Reset - 3/28/11

    Seriously. Its a cool game in which you can create a character to fight evil minions. I had a black guy as a character. He would throw hammers a plenty at hordes of demons. Diablo is basically the devil guy that wants to destroy the realm of man. Also, you can make your own equipment. I made a helmet. It was pointy at the top. You can collect pretty gems too! I like gay sex. But I'm not gay. Also in diablo you can join other people online and have adventures. I made lots of great friends playing diablo. The game is never ending fun. They are even making a third installment of the diablo franchise that will be released sometime in the 21st century. I can swallow jizz without throwing up. This one time, at rogue camp, I paid a dyke to repair my sword. She banged on the sword like "tink tink tink" and it was in perfect condition. I could then travel the world and battle demons with my sword. I can gape my asshole to 30 centimeters using a 2-liter bottle. The game is very immersive and fun. you can order the game online or purchase it at many fine electronic entertainment retailers. The best part is, since the game is 27 years old, you can get it for cheap. Like $1.50 at Best Buy. I was raped by my uncle on Christmas morning. The game seemingly never ends. You can level up to 99 and still it keeps going. If you like you can even duel other real players for bragging rights. Collect their ears and show it to people. If I had a sister I would fuck her. LMAO
  4. diamonds avg dmg is NOT higher than a gmb.. diamond is not faster, diamonds 7fpa ias breakpoint is 65ias, gmb's is 95ias gmb > any other bow if you want to use sorb gear and cant meet the 95ias req for gmb then mayb u can use diamond, id actually rather use a mat bow than diamond. the best zon builds for both zvz and zva use gmb. I said Diamond Bow has higher MINIMUM DAMAGE which it does have. If it takes 30 less ias for Diamond Bow to get to 7 fps Guided Arrow than GMB then it is a faster bow, MEANING it has faster base speed. Christ why can't people read...
  5. who here are football fans??

    It would be epic to see the bears beat the packers when is the last time the bears were in contention for the superbowl anyways? 4 years ago...
  6. who here are football fans??

    Bears beat the Packers and I am gonna spam Don's facebook all to hell.
  7. Legit item, iso cash offers. I will also entertain fg or item offers.
  8. who here are football fans??

    We don't have a sports section anymore. Let discuss it here. Bears vs. Ravens Superbowl.
  9. Name: Shogun for trade

    how much fg? jsp fg?
  10. Yeah iso ik helm. All my fg for it. Unless someone is nice enough to donate to me.
  11. Bin this for a $50.00 amazon gift card thing or whatever. What time are you and Corey available tomorrow?
  12. I am iso a 5 socket scepter with +3 Concentration and +3 Blessed hammer only! I am also iso: 8x 45 Life P Combats 9x 20 life/5 all resist scs 4x 20 life/11 cold resist scs 20/20 Paladin Torch 20/20/10 Anni Leave prices because I won't offer.