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  1. MandeepSingh

  2. 6x Insane Godly Characters FT

    Goodluck Oobs This Mandeep from jsp
  3. Hi Im Mandeep, im also known as Mandeep@ jsp on d2jsp.com Im am well known by all of east nonladder and can get countless vouches as well as by some meds Everything here is 100% Legit and i will ONLY except western union unless i know you and trust you through paypal. I am not setting a bin for anything so please offer and if i think its decent enough i will pm you. These are just some of the Characters I have more that I will Post Later Thanks, Mandeep GODLY PVP BOWA FOR SALE Helm 120/45/30FRW 58Def Weapons 100% Perfect GMB Faith 100% Perfect GMB Brand (for pvm) Armors Perfect Fort AP 100% Perfect Archon of Whale 524 Defence 100Life/4os 60/160 Matching Red Jewels Gloves Godly 2pass/20ias/KB/15Strn Amulets Cats Eye Highlords Rings 100ar/6ml/8ll/13dex/73mana/allres11 Rare Ring GFG Pefect Raven Frost Belt Nos Coil Belt Boots 100% Perfect WarTravs Switch 6/6/3 CS CTA Lidless Shield Inventory 37x 3/3/20's BMANA 5x 3/20/20's BMANA 1x 451 PDsc BMANA 20/20/25 Zon Torch 20/20/7 Anni GODLY PVP CS JAVAZON Helm 100% Perfect Griffons 5/-5 Die Facet'd Weapons 6/30 Javs 6/40 Javs Armors 100% Perfect Dusk Coh 24fhr/4x 5/-5'd Wire Fleece of Stability Amulets Godly 2Zon/25strn/14dex/87mana/allres19/mdr1 Rare Ammy Highlords Shields 100% Perfect Ber'd Stormshield 100% Perfect Jmod 148 Defence 5/-5'd Gloves 2Javs/20ias/54ed/14strn/14dex/fr15% Rings 2x Perfect Matching Bks 1x Perfect Raven matching with bks 2x Perfect Matching Dwarfs 2x Perfect Matching Wisps Belt Perfect Tgods Boots 15/15 Eth Treks Switch 6/6/2 Cta Flail Bo Monarch Inventory 9x 45 Life Lace Java Gcs 10x 20/5 Mshape Scs 10x 5/5 fhr/res Mshape Scs Perfect Zon Torch 20/20/8 Anni AMAZING FIREBALL SORC Helm Perfect Jah'd Shako Weapon Godly Fireball Orb Perfect Hoto Armor 100% Perfect GP Coh 100% Perfect Wirefleece Coh Shields 100% Perfect Spirit Monarch 35/92/5 15ed Spirit for BO Gloves Frostburns Rings 2x Matching Sojs 10fcr/1ll/25strn/56life/83mana Crafted Ring Amulets Perm Fletch Perfect Mara Belt Perfect Arach Boots 100% Perfect Eth Treks Inventory 9x 45 Life Monster Gcs 1x Monster 12fhr Gc 20/20 Torch 20/20/5 Anni 10x Coin 20/17 Set
  4. All COD Black Ops Lovers

    If you like playing black ops xbl add me im pretty decent I enjoy playing domination sometimes team dm my gt: xxXxDeePxxXx Post your GT and ill add you or you can just shoot me a friend request.