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  1. hadin gear

    i want prices on pally circ with 20 fcr,2 skills,dex,life,2 soc 2 skill pally ammy,with dex,life 9x 45 life pcombs 10x 20-5 sc
  2. hadin gear

    im still iso
  3. 2 X VALK FT

    210 @ any valk w/u long as it has gg history
  4. i might be able to go 250$ pay pal and ill pay expenses for a btal
  5. 37x 32020s ft

    ill do 120 pay pal with history ofc ill pay fees to
  6. Amazing deals on 08 valks

    ill vouch americanexpress valk i had it for a few years gl
  7. metalgearsolid3 > wikodsfan > slyfox672004 > deval1 ive had my valk 2 years i duel with it a lot really what my iso is a btal must have gg history ty id concider trading my valk for a btal o and its unnamed i never named it
  8. 123 perm valk

    well i said i might take cash just offer and ill think about it cus i might sell more of my items if i dont get enough for a btal
  9. metalgearsolid3 > wikodsfan > slyfox672004 > deval1 i really was thinkin about tradin it for a btal so i guess im iso that for my valk i might take cash if i like offer ive had the valk around 2+ years i duel a lot ty deval1
  10. ill give 30 and i pay using pay pal and ill pay fees to
  11. ive had it for a long time im in no hurry to sell it i posted it on other sites for last 3 months i havent seen a offer i like its been clashed 2 times and ive ran thousands of baal runs with it on just taking offers atm ty deval1
  12. bring me an 08 valk

    nvm a guy offered me 250 in past
  13. bring me an 08 valk

    i got a 123 08 valk Ilvl 90 ive had it around 2 years ive ran thousands of baal runs with it resiliance clashed it 2x cus i posted it on jsp for last 3 months d2 history = metalgearsolid3 , wikodsfan , me and ive loaned it out to friends in past who will vouch it o and ive never named it idk why but i have thought about namin it stopme lol anyway pm me with offer if ur interested o ya i got other cool items you might be interested in idk if you wanna look just ask ^^ ok pce
  14. i got a storm circ ft ive had it 2 years what you offer ?
  15. i checked the ilvl on my unnamed valk its lvl 90 is that good ive had my valk for a long tome iso info
  16. ISO: Unnamed 08 Valk

    i might sell my unamed valk for write offer my jsp is deval1
  17. i got 100$ to spend on pay pal i want gg deals so i can make profits ty
  18. ill pay 100$ for 1
  19. 1.08 items ft

    40$ for soul spurs and v tramble
  20. btal history hyrolla/jmod-->gamma11-->deval1 i might trade for valk
  21. i want a hybred enigma post prices plz