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  1. D2jsp nazis

    i can see banning for curse words or w/e but come on these mods, mainly Njag probably need to get a life. Sure it makes the website cleaner but it all pisses people off and drives them away from the site, i cant wait till d3 so i can watch the place wither and die a painful death. doubt it will, it supports to many other games now to die. and im sure items from d3 will be traded there.

    LOL @ you for bumping a 2 year old thread >.> lol yeah i didint pay attention to the dates, im used to jsp where topics on the first page are new.
  3. D2jsp nazis

    pretty well known that you dont talk about stuff like that in pm's. botting selling fg and numerous other things will get you suspended.
  4. diablo 3

    until blizz announces it on a forum nothing is to be believed.
  5. Who remembers Diablo I?

    i dont see where d3 is anything like wow. the gameplay is completely different. only parts that are similer are the battlegrounds for pvp (pvp arenas in d3) which is a good thing. no more randoms hostiling while your trying to level.
  6. Iths Return

    if you are talking about the "hybrid runewords" that certain sites are selling. they are no where close to what ith items were. ith items were imported, they had rune mods only. basically like zbug items, but with other rune mods. ohm's for ed etc. these hybrid runewords are simply bugged items. the only difference in the runewords are that they lose the original runewords rune stats( the stats from the original runes) and gain the stats of the second set of runes.

    lol @ wii with 0 votes. my preference is the xbox. never had a problem and i only bought the cheap one and added a hard drive later on.
  8. agree'd. from the gameplay video's the graphics are already above par for rpg's (imo) but i run a 23'' wide screen and a hd graphics card so might not look as good to some people.
  9. Looking for some d2jsp assistance

    you had to mess up somewhere, you dont change your password at all when you get a name change on jsp. your either typing in the wrong password or not typing in the correct name. you also may have typed in the wrong name when you got it changed.
  10. LOL? I imagine a Tyrael infomercial. 100% of people who read this will quote it out-load in a deep Diablo voice. id imagine billy mayes portraying the angel.
  11. Selling millions of RSGP here

    if your willing to take jsp fg i might be interested for the right price. looking to buy around 20m rsgp
  12. This they were and always will be STRICTLY gm melee chars.
  13. Call Of Duty Black Ops?

    ive had no problems with the hit boxes at all. the spawns are a bit screwey on the small maps. but it's still better then the mw2 spawns. and i dont see people mass hacking with a jtag so black ops > mw2 all day.