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  1. hengster

  2. Bin is set at USD500. Mostly accepting w/u only (you cover fees). Verified paypal if I know you well (you still cover fees). Thanks!
  3. 296ed non-eth 2os fools zerker

    thanks, trade completed smoothly and payment received.
  4. 296ed non-eth 2os fools zerker

    Confirmed, pm'd to trade.
  5. Bin is USD150, via paypal and buyer covers fees (i must get USD150 on my side). Currently reserved for Ludafish@PA, he will post here if he bins this.
  6. Unnamed 120 def Legit Valk

    hey brandon, lmk bin, i would like to buy it.
  7. hey, item trade for it, i pm'd you here already. lmk thanks! (can't pm u on other site cos u got % already)
  8. Post graphics (matching) and price!
  9. * Professional Melee Arsenal Ft *

    175 at foolz, i cover pp fees.
  10. Perfect Zealot

    Give me a bin on the fools zerker casey. thanks!
  11. amaze me, amuse me. (Image + Price = i PM u back)
  12. $50 on Shaft! I pay fees! O.O