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  1. back, still iso a set of 9x 45 gcs. I am no longer iso 20/5's
  2. 9x 45 Life Elemental Gc's (eye) 10x 20/5 Bmana 35$ pp or 30wu
  3. looking 9x matching 45 life elemental gcs and 10x matching 20/5's. /e you may pm me on jsp to get my attention, as I don't check here too often.
  4. aww bummer, hate to see you go mate.
  5. Anyone can pm me on jsp (same name) just to get my attention, I'm not on here all to often yet.
  6. yeah but on jsp he had topics up today and last night looking for one. Which isn't long enough to realize if you've been screwed or not, so unless he was just buying a second one and already owned one, I'm not going to buy based on spambams alone. (makes sense to me)
  7. u can follow mine manually, or not manually. ill be starting my bot tomorrow night or so to lvl my new barb to at least 95
  8. post, with history and price. I prefer paying with paypal, working on getting my wu verified. I think I can do money gram pretty easily though.
  9. aw that's a bummer. If you add his + mine together it's nearly 100$ lmk if you ever change your mind, ill prolly check jsp more often than this site if you need to get a hold of me. (same user name)
  10. yeah id like to buy it, i looked into western union. They'll mail be a conformation in 4 business days or something. I'm looking into moneygram TM but I can't seem to figure out how to make an account lols. /e yeah I think I figured out moneygram
  11. Payment type? only know how to use paypal, would have to look into the other methods.
  12. change back the pw to supermanflies4 and I might be able to get you one shortly. The guy asked for history then went afk.
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