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  1. Welcome To dTrades: CristianMogosh

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  12. Best Barb Visionary I've seen...

    should be posted in this forum: http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?/forum/116-dbay-ladder-cash-trades/
  13. Updated Names

    Jesus Sold
  14. Updated Names

    DO NOT POST WHAT NAMES YOU WANT TO BUY, PLEASE PM ME THEM, IT WILL REDUCE THE CHANCES OF A NAME GETTING BOTTED 200fg to 400fg names Bermuda (300) Cayley (300) Chest (300) Conquered (300) Sentimental (300) Multiply (300) Cruiser (300) Kenneth (300) Pirates (300) Unite (300) Tournament (400) Courtney (400) Stuart (400) Bailey (400) Enhanced (400) Paint (400) Photography (400) Unit (400) 500fg names Borat (500) Confuse (500) Olympic (500) Paranoid (500) Parish (500) Stamina (500) Freestyle (500) Tyson (500) Prudence (500) University (500) Vendor (500) Xavier (500) 750fg names Jurassic (750) Mercenary (750) Outrage (750) Fort (750) Sacrifice (750) Romance (750) Vengeance (750) 1000+fg names Hash (1000) Homicide (1000) Vita (1000) Sonic (1000) Zealer (1000) Greed (1000) Murder (1000) Nado (1000) Hurricane (1250) Fiend (1500) Korlic (1500) Minion (1500) Porn (1500) Champion (2000) Names I Am Selling For Other People (Discount Does Not Apply) Bill (500)* Prophetic (500)* Evangelion (750)* Magical (1000)* Angelic (1500)* Apostle (1500)* Name Trade Policy: When selling names there are certain options you have: **(certain options may not be available depending on the person I am selling the name to or the name itself) Option 1) you can provide the account/password and i can transfer the name for u(please provide: account/pw, char type, ladder/nl, hc/sc, exp/classic, CaPitalIZATioN)(if the name is lost, i will refund the FG) Option 2) we can transfer over AIM/MSN (i do not refund if the names are lost doing it this way as i cannot solely control the outcome) Option 3) i can give u the account/password to where the name is and you are responsible for transferring the name (once the account is given, i am no longer responsible for the name) To be Curtice to customers, if you ever lose a name, please pm me right away, I can add it to my bot list and if I get it, I can return it free of charge (within ONE month of original purchase) I receive FG upfront for all my name trades, i have sold well over 400,000Fg worth of names on jsp, and over $1500.00 worth of names elsewhere, if vouches are needed, i can provide them. (some exceptions can be made depending on my personal trust for you) (if you do not wish to go by this rule, then please do not bother PMing me for name trades, I have sold over 1500 names without a single problem during the selling process) There are certain discounts associated with the purchase of bulk names (must be purchases at SAME time to receive a discount) (any name with a * beside it does not apply to the discount policy) Buying 1 name: full price (listed in brackets beside the name) Buying 2 names: 10% discount off total order buying 3 names or more: 15% discount off total order (Please Note: Discounts only apply to purchasing multiple names within the same category, or 1 category above or below. You cannot purchase a 3000 fg name and a 100fg name and expect to receive a 10% total discount, however you could purchase a 1000fg and a 750fg and receive the discount) I also take requests for names, if you are looking for a certain name, please pm me with the amount you are willing to pay for the name, and i may add it to my bot list DO NOT POST WHAT NAMES YOU WANT TO BUY, PLEASE PM ME THEM, IT WILL REDUCE THE CHANCES OF A NAME GETTING BOTTED
  15. Updated Names

    SOLD: Romance (750) Greed (1000) Zealer (1000)
  16. Welcome To dTrades: fugitve11

  17. Updated Names

    Cum gone
  18. Updated Names

    responded ofc
  19. Updated Names

  20. Updated Names

    SOLD: Mana (2000) Sonic (1000) Spell (1250) ADD: Cum (1500)
  21. Updated Names

  22. Updated Names

    add uhh Spell (1250) Mana (2000) FRW (1500) Logic (750)
  23. Updated Names

    Murder + Hurricane sold
  24. Updated Names

    Korlic Sold