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  1. Welcome to the site!
  2. the name sin, philong65 / krystal@pa owns it now
  3. nvm sold it
  5. Welcome to site!
  6. Welcome to site!
  7. Welcome to site!
  8. Welcome to site!
  9. selling my sin in this thread http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?/topic/433262-3-sick-fpk-chars-druid-necro-sin/ to v2.0b sin is currently on ladder (but ladder switches over tomorrow) selling it vs $100 paypal edit: we are both available from right now until 7pm eastern so quick med wud be nice
  10. Bump
  11. DRUID: Helms: *2dru/20fcr/30frw/36life/2os (lolo) *2/3nado/10fhr/37life/26cr/1Os (shael) *30/15/2Os coa (berber)(351 def total) Weapons: *40 hoto flail *suicide branch (20/15 non eth) *6/6/1 cta (eth cs 11/11 dura) Armor: *p ds enigma (15/15/775 1313 def) Boots: *permed viper tracks (30frw/20fhr/21life/7LR/24FR) (vinny - Zakk_Wylde - vinny - Bubbler - Me) *aldur boots (44 def) *infernostrides *30frw/10fhr/9dex/17life/10rep/24lr crafted boots Shields: *p spirit (35/112/8 --15/15) *eth spirit (35/98/5 eth 21/44 dura) Gloves: *74 def trangs *magefists Belts: *Arach *10fcr/24fhr/37life/7rep/14mana/7% mana regen belt (16 slots) Rings: *10/23str/51life/11 all res (orange grfx) *10/16str/37life/30mana/28fr *10/15dex/33life/25cr/9lr/9fr/29pr *20sorb wisp *5%bk Inventory: *10x 20/5 (coin) *3x 5/5 (coin) *6x 20/11 lr (coin) *9x 45 ele lifers (monster) *1x fhr ele lifer (monster) *20/20/5 d torch *20/20/6 anni Bin on whole druid = $140.00 (worth around 15k fg) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NECROMANCER: Helms: *2nec/20fcr/30frw/38life/2Os (Cham/Lo) *2nec/20fcr/30frw/39life/2Os (ber/ber) *kiaras (110cr 80all res 4 rep) *p hoto *8/6/3lr (petrified wand) *8/6/3vive (bone wand) *8/6/3decrepify (bone wand) *wiz (115cr/85all res/4rep) *6/6/4 cta (cs) Amulets: *Permed scirclet (spicer - qqpie - alkeo - bubbler - me) Rings: *10fcr/20str/34life/77mana/29cr/23fr (orange) *239/20 raven *5% bk (orange) *soj (orange) *20sorb wisp (winged) *dwarf(blue) Belts: *140/40/15/13rep dungos *ptgods *p arach Boots: *43 def up'd hspurs *Aldurs *30frw/10fhr/5rep/37lr/36fr Shields: *p spirit (35/112mana/8magic sorb 15/15) *spirit (35/109mana/7magic sorb) Armor: *p wyrmhide enigma (15/15/775 1316def) Gloves: *p bloodfists (double up'd 88def) *Trangs *Mages Inventory: *9x 45 life pnb gc's (monster) *1x 12 fhr pnb gc (monster) *10x 20/5 (bmana) *3x 20/11lr (bmana) *3x 5fhr/5res (bmana) *25/20/20 nec torch *20/20/6 anni Bin on whole necro = $160.00 (worth around 17.5k fg) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ASSASSIN: Helms: *3x random griffons (Ber'd, Cham'd, Jah'd) Amulets: *2sin/20fcr/87mana/17res all *2sin/17fcr/6life rep/13mana/17res all Weapons: *2sin/40ias/3ls/1mb/2os gt (1x 15/15, 1x 7fhr/4rep/30fr jewels) *2sin/3ls/1fade/2os gt (1x 7fhr/4rep/30lr, 1x 7fhr/4rep/30fr jewels) *infinity voulge *40% hoto flail *6/6/1 cta military pick (low requirements) Armor: *15/15/775 whymhide enigma Gloves: *98def perf upped mages *74def perf trangs Shields: *11/15 35/103/6 spirit monarch (for bo) Boots *2/25/99ed shadow dancers Belt: *120% arach Rings: *10fcr/20ar/18str/9life rep/78mana *10fcr/116ar/18str/8life rep/68mana/7light res Inventory: *9x 45 life trap gcs (eye gfx) *10x 20/17 scs (paw gfx) *1x 20/5 (paw gfx) *20/20/5 sin torch *20/20/5 anni Bin on whole sin = $100 (worth around 11.5k fg) I will accept paypal from those I deem trustworthy, If I will not accept paypal from you, the only payment options I will accept are: Western Union Moneygram EMT (email money transfer, Only works in Canada) I can get a mediator, or you can pay upfront, I have done several thousands of dollars worth of trades getting upfront, history in my sig, can get vouches if needed All bins are firm!
  12. paypal will be fine from you, pming to discuss
  13. not taking paypal from u, u just joined the site. not taking $20 per set bins are set