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  1. specifics

  2. Welcome To dTrades: SBC!

    Welcome to the site!
  3. Sin's 08 Valk

    the name sin, philong65 / krystal@pa owns it now
  4. Sin's 08 Valk

    nvm sold it
  5. 3 Sick FPK Chars (Druid, Necro, Sin)

  6. Welcome To dTrades: Elementz

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  7. Welcome To dTrades: Logan69

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  8. Welcome To dTrades: Arjani

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  10. Need mediator!!

    selling my sin in this thread http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?/topic/433262-3-sick-fpk-chars-druid-necro-sin/ to v2.0b sin is currently on ladder (but ladder switches over tomorrow) selling it vs $100 paypal edit: we are both available from right now until 7pm eastern so quick med wud be nice
  11. Updated Names

  12. DRUID: Helms: *2dru/20fcr/30frw/36life/2os (lolo) *2/3nado/10fhr/37life/26cr/1Os (shael) *30/15/2Os coa (berber)(351 def total) Weapons: *40 hoto flail *suicide branch (20/15 non eth) *6/6/1 cta (eth cs 11/11 dura) Armor: *p ds enigma (15/15/775 1313 def) Boots: *permed viper tracks (30frw/20fhr/21life/7LR/24FR) (vinny - Zakk_Wylde - vinny - Bubbler - Me) *aldur boots (44 def) *infernostrides *30frw/10fhr/9dex/17life/10rep/24lr crafted boots Shields: *p spirit (35/112/8 --15/15) *eth spirit (35/98/5 eth 21/44 dura) Gloves: *74 def trangs *magefists Belts: *Arach *10fcr/24fhr/37life/7rep/14mana/7% mana regen belt (16 slots) Rings: *10/23str/51life/11 all res (orange grfx) *10/16str/37life/30mana/28fr *10/15dex/33life/25cr/9lr/9fr/29pr *20sorb wisp *5%bk Inventory: *10x 20/5 (coin) *3x 5/5 (coin) *6x 20/11 lr (coin) *9x 45 ele lifers (monster) *1x fhr ele lifer (monster) *20/20/5 d torch *20/20/6 anni Bin on whole druid = $140.00 (worth around 15k fg) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NECROMANCER: Helms: *2nec/20fcr/30frw/38life/2Os (Cham/Lo) *2nec/20fcr/30frw/39life/2Os (ber/ber) *kiaras (110cr 80all res 4 rep) *p hoto *8/6/3lr (petrified wand) *8/6/3vive (bone wand) *8/6/3decrepify (bone wand) *wiz (115cr/85all res/4rep) *6/6/4 cta (cs) Amulets: *Permed scirclet (spicer - qqpie - alkeo - bubbler - me) Rings: *10fcr/20str/34life/77mana/29cr/23fr (orange) *239/20 raven *5% bk (orange) *soj (orange) *20sorb wisp (winged) *dwarf(blue) Belts: *140/40/15/13rep dungos *ptgods *p arach Boots: *43 def up'd hspurs *Aldurs *30frw/10fhr/5rep/37lr/36fr Shields: *p spirit (35/112mana/8magic sorb 15/15) *spirit (35/109mana/7magic sorb) Armor: *p wyrmhide enigma (15/15/775 1316def) Gloves: *p bloodfists (double up'd 88def) *Trangs *Mages Inventory: *9x 45 life pnb gc's (monster) *1x 12 fhr pnb gc (monster) *10x 20/5 (bmana) *3x 20/11lr (bmana) *3x 5fhr/5res (bmana) *25/20/20 nec torch *20/20/6 anni Bin on whole necro = $160.00 (worth around 17.5k fg) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ASSASSIN: Helms: *3x random griffons (Ber'd, Cham'd, Jah'd) Amulets: *2sin/20fcr/87mana/17res all *2sin/17fcr/6life rep/13mana/17res all Weapons: *2sin/40ias/3ls/1mb/2os gt (1x 15/15, 1x 7fhr/4rep/30fr jewels) *2sin/3ls/1fade/2os gt (1x 7fhr/4rep/30lr, 1x 7fhr/4rep/30fr jewels) *infinity voulge *40% hoto flail *6/6/1 cta military pick (low requirements) Armor: *15/15/775 whymhide enigma Gloves: *98def perf upped mages *74def perf trangs Shields: *11/15 35/103/6 spirit monarch (for bo) Boots *2/25/99ed shadow dancers Belt: *120% arach Rings: *10fcr/20ar/18str/9life rep/78mana *10fcr/116ar/18str/8life rep/68mana/7light res Inventory: *9x 45 life trap gcs (eye gfx) *10x 20/17 scs (paw gfx) *1x 20/5 (paw gfx) *20/20/5 sin torch *20/20/5 anni Bin on whole sin = $100 (worth around 11.5k fg) I will accept paypal from those I deem trustworthy, If I will not accept paypal from you, the only payment options I will accept are: Western Union Moneygram EMT (email money transfer, Only works in Canada) I can get a mediator, or you can pay upfront, I have done several thousands of dollars worth of trades getting upfront, history in my sig, can get vouches if needed All bins are firm!
  13. 9x 45 Traps & 9x 45 Ele FT

    paypal will be fine from you, pming to discuss
  14. 9x 45 Traps & 9x 45 Ele FT

    not taking paypal from u, u just joined the site. not taking $20 per set bins are set