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  1. ExT

  2. Reset the scores :D

    Most of the scores are from Xip and hes banned I wanna be champion ^^
  3. Looking for new Laptop

    Yes looking for a 13.3 inch laptop which weights around 3 pounds and has long battery time Other specs dont matter too much cause it wont be running heavy games, but needs to be delivered to canada Budget : around 600-800$ Anyone got a suggestion?
  4. Scammed by Valor38

    Aleph still has not posted anything yet about his proof >.>
  5. Scammed by Valor38

    Plz post any proof that you have here or pm me
  6. you better pm someone and set a time we are all busy with work and school too
  7. Need Med Asap

    If you schedule a time for meeting, you have more chances of a med helping you
  8. D3 Skill Calculator Released!

    wow and guild wars is all about grinding to get better items and have more e-peen... Come to think of it... d2 was also same thing and d3 will probably be also...

    herpp derppp
  10. Iso Med

    You can fix these matters in pm 8o
  11. Scam related

    Thx but please keep all your accusations about this person in 1 thread easier to keep up with
  12. Unfortunately... we all grow up 8o...cept some

    Horrible price and nice way to get banned
  14. Sold to me...kinda of?...he hasn't given the item yet and very hard to reach him...getting a little annoyed but ill take partial blame for the mishap, it was 274$ to send it to canada, and with fees + usa / canadian conversion it came out to be 236 to him, he said I DIDN'T PAY FEES blah blah blah but I did, I just got screwed up with the currency exchange when i thought PA was all done in dollars...but w/e waiting his response so i can send the remaining 14$ and get the btals already... again Lindquistic i didn't see this post, i was only looking at his first post and i pm'd him to bin it and we worked out a deal, didn't mean to bm you bud Has science replied to you?
  15. Sin + Nec vs w/u

    Let us know if anything happens
  16. keydee scammed me out of 25.00

    Please post out any screenshots that you can. Unfortunately we do not deal with poofing items. At least this will be considered as a warning for other people that want to buy from this seller
  17. Charles and me trading

    Check if anyone is online or try and set a meeting time with a med
  18. ISO Med

    You can always check if some other med is on
  19. Looking for new Laptop

    Weight constraints are really annoying. I can understand battery life and screen size, but it shouldn't matter if the laptop is 3 lbs or 10 lbs (10 is a bit much, but you know what I mean). Maybe what she really wants is a tablet? ill probly go with asus series some are around 3 pounds ill just check with her lol

    enough for them to get there and to get vince young raped in SB