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  1. Xanhast

  2. Dilores 08 Valk

    Nvm Good luck.
  3. Bshanks Ft

    History is Bp123 -> 418 -> myself Bin is $ W/U or Money Gram is accepted
  4. Matthews Btal Ft

    Pm me when this is sold
  5. 2 x valk profit pack

    Very tempting......Pming to discuss
  6. btals, valk, ghoz, gvalor

    Let me know who the new owner of this is thanks
  7. Matthew's Bug Tal for sale

    Let me know when you sell this.........thanks.
  8. Im not sure who the current owner is but Im looking to get my btals back. I can use paypal or moneygram. Any leads would be appriciated if I am off on the current owner. Thanks guys! Xanhast's: Eastpwn -> Havok420 -> VeRSeS -> Since1987 -> Xanhast -> Matthew -> Filias -> Miggy@PA (Xanhast Owns the Name)
  9. 4x Perm 08 Valks FT

    Pm me when these are sold so I can update and thanks
  10. Selling Bandana's Btals Vs Cash

    Pm me when this is Sold please so I can update.
  11. valk perm ft

    Pm me once this is sold so I can update thanks
  12. Bronco's valk ft

    I want this pm me here dave.
  13. TMC's and Paco's Valk FT

    Please contact me with who bought Tmc's when its sold thanks
  14. Update me with who buys this thanks~